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Got up and got my latte while the computer booted, then parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then waited for Daniel’s mom to drop Michael off so I could grab the car seat for after school. She’d taken it into the office, which I hadn’t noticed, so I went and grabbed it and headed home.

I spent a bit of time on ArcheAge after I got home, doing some of my daily stuff there, like gardening.

I had to run to Walmart for a few things after that. Mostly just stuff for me to eat for the week. I ended up getting the Samsung Galaxy Fit. It was absolutely amazing, worked perfectly. The only problem I had, which I ended up spending the rest of the day chatting with Support about, was that the Galaxy Fit Plugin, required for the watch’s software updates, was not compatible with my Galaxy S9 Plus. I thought that was absurd, since I could have bought the phone right then and there. The first support agent was quite pleasant to deal with, the rest were all quite stupid and annoying. Finally the last person said they’d pass it along to the software developers.

In addition to messing with my new toy, I spent the afternoon pecking away at some cleaning, getting Casey’s train set and hot wheels playsets put away. I vacuumed the living room and play room as well, and got the table cleared up a bit for when it was going to be dinner time.

Went and picked the boys up from school, and brought them back to the house. They spent the next few hours bouncing off the walls, going from one thing to another, having a total blast. I got them dinner around 5:30. Casey wanted his usual chicken nuggets, but since they weren’t dinosaur shaped Michael said he wanted mac & cheese. I’d already preheated the oven, so all I had to do was time it right to have both things ready at the same time.

After dinner, both boys seemed to have even more energy, if that was even possible. So, I took them to the park across the road. I’d told them to leave their shoes on when Michael removed his, but they wouldn’t listen. They were both burying their feet in the sand. Then Casey asked Michael to bury his head. I said no, but nobody listened and Casey’s head got buried. I heard him laughing away, and I couldn’t help but laugh as I shook my head at the situation. Casey’s never been one to get dirty, it was kind of refreshing in a way.

Once the mosquitoes started biting, I got the boys back inside. I’d mentioned that Casey needed a bath, and Michael seemed to want to take one with him, so I let them get in the bath together. I told them not to do any splashing, but of course they didn’t listen. They spent quite a bit of time playing together in there.

Daniel had said he’d be getting off work at 6:30, get Michael and drop him off at Leanne’s, then come back over for adult playtime. When the time came, he said he’d been in The Valley working, which is near Cashton 45 minutes away, and was worried he wouldn’t make it to pick Michael up and have him dropped back off in time for bed at 8:30. He asked if I had Leanne’s number, so I went ahead and texted her. I let her know he was well fed and clean. She said she thought Daniel (well, she calls him Dan) was going to drop him off, and I explained about him working in The Valley. She came and got Michael shortly after 8. I’d read to the boys and made them have quiet time until she arrived, then kissed Casey goodnight and tucked him in.

I got back on ArcheAge and did some of the daily stuff, like Halcy I was very sore and exhausted, and falling asleep at the desk, by 10pm, so I went to bed. I hoped my knee wouldn’t hurt too bad the next day.

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