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I got up and got my latte while the computer booted, then parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home.

First I got on ArcheAge to do my morning gardening, then I got on Fallout 76 and spent the day playing around on there.

Picked Casey up from school about the usual time, then brought him back home. He got straight on his tablet, so I got back on Fallout.

Dave informed me that Jennifer would be coming over, and for me to get anything done in the basement I needed to before he locked Max away for the night. He referred to Max as the “mean cat.”

Does this look like a mean cat to you??

I went and got Casey’s sheets out of the dryer so I could put our clothes in, and called it a night down there.

I ended up making myself an Appletini. It’d been a long time since I’d had one and I felt like drinking because I was irritated at the whole situation with poor Max getting locked away because someone who pissed him off somehow was coming back over.

On Fallout, I ended up coming across a random dude at my camp who dropped me a bag full of plans for so many things. I was floored. I spoke on voice to thank him, and he ended up inviting me to his Discord server. I gladly joined and spent the evening chatting with him and some other dudes on there.

Dave was getting some Tums out of my medicine cabinet and asked me if I was in my bedroom talking to myself. I know he can’t be that daft and was just trying to get under my skin. I ignored it.

I got Casey to bed a little later than usual, because he likes Jennifer and wanted to show her stuff. She’d also brought him a cinnamon roll that he wanted to eat before bed. We didn’t have time to read the Minecraft book that we’ve been reading, and he was sad about that. I promised him the next night we would get started earlier so we could read more of it.

I got back to Fallout and kept playing with the new dudes I’d met, plus working on leveling myself, until shortly after midnight when I finally shut everything down and went to bed.

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