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I slept in a little, since I was keeping Casey home from school and had called him out the night before. I got up and got my coffee while the computer booted, then got parked on SL. My free book & paid emails were already coming in, so I took care of those right away. Then I got on ArcheAge to check my neglected plants.

I spent most of the rest of the day just kind of staring at the computer. I wasn’t particularly distraught over the situation with Daniel. I could only really thank God and Lisa for that. Between them, they have helped me become independently strong, confident, and dare I say even happy despite the circumstances.

I finally told my mom about the pregnancy, and I told her what I’d just found out about his false promises to me and at least 2 other women. Her response was that I need to get my life straightened out. Well, part of that is getting away from Dave, despite the struggle that it will be to start out.

Mindi and I exchanged messages throughout the day, and eventually she said that Daniel had blocked her on Facebook. I checked and noticed that he’d blocked me as well. Even though I’d had such a good day, the finality of it really stung. I blocked him in return, just to be sure.

I was considering blocking Jamie as well, since it appeared that they were playing some sort of game with this whole relationship thing. But, since I haven’t talked to her more I thought it would maybe be a bit suspicious for me to just block her. Mindi suggested she may not even notice. While in the shower I thought about it more and decided I wouldn’t block her until she gave me a good reason to. Even if that reason was Daniel using her Facebook to spy on me.

Later in the afternoon, I started having cramps in my left ovary. That doesn’t usually happen, so I was a bit concerned. I’ve also had another thing going on lately that I would rather not mention. And my jeans had felt a bit uncomfortable when I was out with Mindi. And I spotted a bit later that same night. I’m hoping these symptoms are just my hormones being off from the stress going on, and nothing else.

There’s a guy I’ve been talking to for months on MeetMe. Admittedly, I only ever accepted his friend request because he had his name as “Taco” with a picture of a taco. I find those types of profiles impossible to resist. Anyway, back when I noticed he’d changed his name and pics to be of the real him, we’d started talking more. He’s a bit older, lives in Tomah, and isn’t bad looking except that his smile never seems to reach his eyes. There must be pain there. Anyway, so we were chatting and he joked about me not having found him on Facebook. That was too easy, so we were talking on Facebook for a while.

After getting Casey tucked into bed, I got on Fallout 76 for a distraction. Tommy must have known that I would be playing a game by then and left me be other than later on asking me which game I was playing.

I got into a Discord call with the one raider guy that started the server, and just went about doing my exploration thing until I was ready for bed.

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