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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then got dressed while also getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. As I was leaving to drop him off at school, I almost slipped and fell down the steps outside. They were glazed over with clear ice. I managed to get us both to the car and to his school safely. Then on my way home, I started to slip and slide twice. I was so angry that they didn’t cancel school with how icy it was outside!

Once back home, I went ahead and started working on my free book & paid emails, since the one that usually arrives much later had already arrived. Then, I hopped on Fallout 76 and spent the rest of the day playing on there.

Dave was off work again and had a dentist appointment in the morning. The timing was perfect that I was able to spend the time talking to Colin. I did a brief life-stream to show him around my C.A.M.P. on Fallout. He donated a dollar to me, lol. Hey, he’s my first supporter!

I was supposed to have a dentist appointment at 1 but then found out that school was getting out 2 hours early, at 1. I called and rescheduled, but then a while later Dave offered to pick Casey up so I could make it to my appointment. I let him know that I’d already rescheduled it.

I picked Casey up from school and we made it home more safely. He got straight to playing on the Nintendo 3ds, and I got back on Fallout. I’d also been working on trying to get my Minecraft worlds copied over to the Xbox, but was running into snags with the download rate.

I sent Brad a text saying I hoped he had a nice time with his parents and the girls the day before since I know how hard it is on him to tell his girls goodbye. I eventually heard back from him that it was a good day. I waited a while and sent him another text that I’m insatiable, explaining that I am always horny. He said I could come over in a bit. We planned for me to get there around 9.

I got Casey tucked into bed, then got ready to head over to Brad’s. I took my time driving since it had been snowing throughout the day, but the roads weren’t all that bad anymore now that they’d put dirt down.

Brad and I spent most of the evening watching music videos on YouTube. There were some that I’d never seen the video for, even though I loved the song. He made a reference at one point to me dating a nerd.

We headed upstairs for the night and were making sweet love when he said to me that his favorite part of every night is when he’s making out with me. Yeah, I’d definitely say we are a “thing.” And more of a “thing” than I expected! I’m so happy!

We curled up together and went to sleep shortly after that.

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