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I got up and got my coffee while the computer booted, then got dressed while also getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I went ahead and launched Fallout and played a little while Casey was in the kitchen.

I had to call the clinic right at 7 because I was supposed to have Therapy but didn’t feel up to talking for an hour. I rescheduled the appointment, then sent Lisa a message to let her know I felt dreadful. I got a passive-aggressive response from her about being unable to fill the appointment time on such short notice, but “thank you for canceling.”

I also called the dentist, since there was no way I’d be able to breathe through my nose for an hour while they worked on my teeth.

I dropped Casey off at school around the usual time and walked him to his classroom so I could let his teacher know about his arm bumps. I also talked to the office about it and it was determined that he’d be fine. That was good since this apparently won’t go away for a couple months.

I headed back home and continued playing Fallout throughout the rest of the day. The double XP ended at 11am my time, but of course, I wasn’t going to stop playing just because it had ended.

I picked Casey up from school at the usual time, then brought him back home and had him get on the toilet. I continued playing Fallout.

I got a Facebook message from Mindi reminding me about the bible study group, but I let her know that I was feeling like crap and wouldn’t make it. Then I got a text from Jenn, another girl from the group, and had to let her know as well.

I sent Brad another text, checking how his hands were doing and hoping for a reply but didn’t really expect to hear from him.

Casey was playing on Super Mario Maker, and I kept playing Fallout. I had him get ready for bed at the usual time, then read to him and tucked him in. I went back to Fallout and was able to play with the new friend for a short while, but then he had to go take care of something in real life. I ended up just logging out and going to bed, needing the extra rest.

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