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I got up and got some coffee, then took care of my free book & paid emails before getting on Fallout 76 for the day. Casey was already playing on the Switch. He kept playing on it until it ran out of battery, then got on his phone for a bit until that battery died, then moved on once again to his tablet.

He stayed up much too late doing all this and pitched a fit when none of his devices had battery power and he wasn’t ready for bed yet, because he’d be “bored.” Over the holiday, we need to get him into a better routine so he’s not on his devices during all waking hours. And yet, at the same time, I’m on mine during all waking hours so is it really fair to put screen time limits on him? I suppose the difference is, he’s the kid and I’m the parent. But still, feels wrong.

I chatted with Brad a bit, but he didn’t seem up for any company. He said he was getting a headache and thought the withdrawals were starting to kick in*. I understand that. I wished him a good night and a happy holiday and continued playing Fallout 76 until I was ready for bed myself.

* I forgot to mention, he had been sent home on Friday with meds to take once they started to kick in.

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