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I got up from Brad’s bed before dawn then got dressed and headed home. Dave was still in bed when I got home, so I was pretty pissed because that meant he’d lied to me about when he needed to be at work.

I got some coffee while the computer booted, then got dressed on SL. I scrolled through my Facebook feed for a while before getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I dropped him off at school at the usual time, then headed over to Family Vision Center so I could have them tweak my glasses a bit. After that, I headed home.

I made some coffee and started opening my free book emails, but then I had to go to Therapy. That went well, we talked mostly about Brad and my concerns, and she’s just as concerned about the situation. I can’t just abandon him, but it’d be nice to be around him when he’s sober. Maybe not necessarily all the time, but once in a while. I know he goes through hell and his mind scares him, but I still want to be there with him, for him. I want him to let me in.

After Therapy, I headed back home and finished up my free book & paid emails. Then I got on Minecraft and did some mining for quite a while, but I was starting to doze off. Thankfully, Cyn was up by then, so I sat on SL with her and we chatted until it was time to go get Casey.

I thought I would just be heading home after picking Casey up, and then maybe lay down for a nap, but I remembered that I’d told him we could go to Walmart after school to look for decorative rocks for the flower bed out front. So, we headed there. They didn’t have any decorative rocks out yet, but we got a few other things we needed and then headed home.

Casey scooped the litter box when we got home because he’d wanted this stuffed Pikachu and I told him he could earn some of the money back. I helped him by holding the bag for him, and then I took care of the dishes while he went and sat on the toilet.

After I was done with dishes, I got back to chatting with Cyn on SL. We made plans to go to an event at this furry store she likes. While waiting, I looked at new avatars for a couple of the other themes they had coming up. I went ahead and bought a couple for cheap, and saved outfits so it would be easy to change to them when the time came. When it was finally time for the event of that day to start, we headed there.

I ended up getting in the shower shortly after we got to the store, and then worked on getting Casey ready for bed during the rest of the event. Luckily the main thing about the event was just a contest. I’d already put my name in, I chatted from time to time, but all I really had to do was be present. Once the event was over, I got Casey read to and tucked in, then got back on SL.

I checked out a club I’m trying to work for, but the chat was dead and it would put me to sleep. I was exhausted and willing to go to bed early, but I kind of wanted to stay up until about 10:30. I ended up going to a gacha yard sale place, so a place where someone was reselling their unwanted gacha items. I was looking around there and started walking into things because I was dozing off, so I went to bed.

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