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Brad and I got up around 6. He got in the shower right away. I had to pee really bad so I waited until he was out of the shower, then did that before going home. I got some coffee while the computer booted, then messed around on Facebook while I waited until it was a bit later. Casey got up on his own, and I got his clothes out so he could get dressed while I got his breakfast ready. I dropped him off at school at the usual time, then headed back home.

I got hungry for a sandwich from Dunkin’ Donuts, so I headed there and picked it up. I brought it back home and ate while talking to Mindi on Facebook. She pissed me off though, telling me “at least you’ve had a marriage and a family.” I briefly went off on her about the hell I’ve lived in for the last 18 years and expected her to apologize right away but she didn’t. I never did get an apology.

I needed some retail therapy, so I headed to Walmart. We needed a few things from there anyway. I ended up getting another desk organizer, hoping to put it in a slightly different place so it would make my desk feel more open and comfortable.

Once everything was put away and organized at my desk again, I got on Astellia with Cyn. We quested a bit and made plans to get on SL for a while after I got home with Casey. I went and picked him up at the usual time, then brought him back home. Instead of getting right on SL, I ended up rearranging almost everything in my room. Once my desk was in place, I did finally log back onto SL but kept working on getting everything else situated.

After I was happy with the layout of my room, I got in the shower. When I got out of the shower, I got Casey his dinner and settled in at my desk. It was getting close to 6pm and I wanted to collect the 3-star Astel box on Astellia, so I logged out of SL to do that. Cyn ended up going and laying down, which irritated me at first. But then once I was logged into Astellia I ended up sitting on my bed with my kindle and read while snuggling Max for about an hour.

I got Casey ready for bed a bit later than the usual time, then read to him and tucked him in. I heard from Cyn that she was up, and she got on Astellia. She seemed ready to play some more, so I did that with her instead of reading more. We got to the next dungeon after only a short while of questing. We weren’t sure if we wanted to do the dungeon then or wait until the next day, and ultimately decided we should probably wait until the next day. So, we logged out and I got ready for bed.

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