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When mine and Brad’s phone alarms started going off, he snuggled closer to me, pulling me close in his arms. I didn’t want to move, I just wanted to lay there forever, drowning in his love. Then it got to be almost 7:30am and he somehow managed to notice the time and he had to leave for work. That is if he wasn’t late already. I felt bad about us oversleeping and hurried to get up and dressed so I could head back home.

Once home, I got some coffee while the computer booted, then got on Black Desert on the Xbox. It was too early for my emails to have arrived.

Around 9, Casey and I left to go test drive the van I’d been looking at online. We stopped at Kwik Trip across the road from the dealership to fill up the rental with gas, just in case we wouldn’t be leaving with it. Then, we headed to the dealership and got in the van to drive it around for a bit. We were both happy with it. It wasn’t in perfect condition but it was pretty nice for what I’d be able to find in my price range. I’d been told that I could just write a $200 check, they’d hold the check and I could use the van and pay for the van in full once I got the insurance money. Well, that was what one person had told me and he wasn’t there that day so I had to go with what the person who was helping me said and that’s not what he said. The only option I had would be to finance the van, and there was only one incredibly busy lady in the business office. They said they could get to me later in the day, so Casey and I got back in the rental and headed from there to Onalaska.

We stopped at Culver’s for some lunch, then ate it in the Target parking lot before going in there for a few things. Then, we headed back to the dealership to wait. We were waiting over an hour before it was finally our turn, and I filled out the paperwork. It was recommended that I make 6 to 12 monthly payments on the van instead of paying it off right away because I have no vehicles solely in my name in my credit history. That would be easy enough to do, as long as I don’t otherwise touch the $6k.

Finally having the keys to my new van, we headed back home. I spent some time cleaning the interior windows because they were pretty grimy, then headed in and took care of my free book & paid emails. Then I had to take a quick shower and get some work in on a project with Appen before heading to work at Kwik Trip.

Work went well, though it was a bit slow to start. It was all the computer-based training, and the first part I had to do was reading a lot of their policies. When I finally got to the video presentations, it went faster.

I got some food to take home from there and headed back home. I got on Black Desert on the Xbox and played that for a few hours until I was way too tired to stay up any longer.

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