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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails while Casey worked on his writing. Once I was done with my emails, I got on Black Desert on the Xbox. Casey had a snack and free time after writing, then he read for a while on the app on his phone. I was still playing Black Desert, but also made sure he got his school work done. I hadn’t gotten any lesson plans from the teacher, so I was winging it. Casey ran with it without question.

I had to work at Kwik Trip from 6 until 10. It was a lot more laborious and I was quite sore afterward. But it was Brad’s birthday and I still hoped I could see him and make his day special somehow.

After work, I headed home and got changed into my PJs, still hoping and hoping to hear from Brad. It got to be 1am and I hadn’t heard anything from him, not even a “Thank You” for wishing him a happy birthday. I got to feeling quite irritated, even angry, at the rudeness of it.

I ended up going to bed feeling that way, yet fantasizing about how he could apologize and make it up to me.

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