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Met someone…

Ok, so, finally got around to creating a custom friend group that does not include Colin, because there may be things I want to post about that would make him uncomfortable. He knows all about Dave, and he knows I see guys from time to time in RL, but I don’t want him to get upset by reading about it on here.

A while back, several weeks ago now, I went out on a date with this guy who turned out to be whacko. What kind of dude tells a girl on the first date all about his current court case where he’s going to be tried for child abuse? And exes who are supposedly crazy? No thank you!

Anywho, the reason for me caving and creating the new group…

So, this past weekend. Cub Scouts, right? Michael’s dad, Daniel, hinted at some possible romantic interest, and over the past day and a half things have gotten pretty steamy. He seems really nice, and we’re trying to arrange to go out sometime, just the two of us. Problem is, he lives a few hours away, but somehow I guess we’ll work it out to see each other.

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