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Manic Monday

So, last night, got Casey to bed at a fairly reasonable time. Then I plugged in my headset and watched some Criminal Minds. It’s nice to get caught up on my favorite shows. I wish I could watch them live, but Casey has always proved to be quite a good distraction lol. I watched a couple episodes and then headed to bed. It was later than I would have liked, would only get about 6 hours of sleep.

When I woke up, initially I was feeling quite refreshed. I even managed to crawl out of bed 15 minutes earlier than what had been my norm. But then the neck stiffness and tension settled in.

I had a little bit of trouble getting Casey out of bed, but finally managed to with 10 minutes to spare for him to be able to eat breakfast before we had to head to the bus stop for his last day of school.

Got him to the bus stop just as the bus was pulling up. We had to wait for it to come to a stop and then walk around the front of it for Casey to get on. Casey was very uncertain, this was his first time catching the bus like that. But, he managed to get on ok and off to school he went.

I hobbled back to the house and hopped on the computer. I’d managed to get dressed on SL before getting Casey off to school, so I hopped on Wiz. I’d finished my gardens last night as well, so I didn’t have any tending to do. I fished until I was out of energy, then hopped on Sims 4.

I periodically sent messages to Colin, but wasn’t hearing from him. It was a little unusual. I kept playing Sims 4 as well, so some of my messages were about that. When it got down to an hour before Casey was due back, I was getting worried. I hadn’t gotten an email or anything.

I asked my parents if we could go to Walmart after lunch, we were out of milk. They offered instead to stop by and pick it up for us. I actually just wanted to be out of the house for longer this afternoon, but apparently that wasn’t an option. I didn’t want to say as much, so I just told them what kind of milk. They arrived about 11.

My dad helped me carry some laundry downstairs, but Dave had stuff in the washer and I couldn’t be bothered figuring out what to do with it. My dad just set it on top of the dryer, which was fine by me for the time being. After that, he quick mopped my bathroom. A couple days before, when we’d gone swimming at their hotel, I’d just dropped the wet swimsuits on the bathroom floor and left them for a couple hours before hanging them up over the shower doors. Ever since, that bathroom was smelling funky. I wasn’t sure if it was emanating from the laundry or the floor, so I wanted to have both taken care of.

The bus arrived and we all went outside to meet Casey, all of us taking pictures of him getting home from his last day of school. The bus driver gave him a cool little bottle of bubbles for his last day. My parents gave him this nice rock with a butterfly on it that says “Wish,” and my mom told him that any time he misses them he can wish for them and they’ll be there in his heart. That was sweet. Then we looked through the portfolio the teacher had sent home with him. It looked like he had a very fun and educational year!!

Once we were done looking at the stuff from Casey’s teacher, we headed out to the Ground Round for lunch. I ordered an Unmasked Burrito. Basically a naked Burrito. No tortilla. It was pretty darn good. I mentioned that I’d always wanted to order dessert there, but never could because their portions are too large. I asked Casey if he’d share the oreo cookie thing they had. He said yes. I even said, halfway through my meal, that I was going to save some for leftovers specifically so I could finally have dessert there. So what happens when my parents are almost done with their meal? My mom says she wants to go to Culver’s for ice cream. And Casey’s just fine with that. My dad sits quietly, as always. And I am left dumbfounded. And I can’t say shit or my mom will fruit out.

So, my dad paid the bill and we went to Culver’s. I intentionally ordered nothing. While my parents and Casey were deciding what they wanted, I went to the bathroom. When I was on my way, my parents asked me what I wanted, and I said I didn’t want anything. I went to the bathroom, adjusted my knee braces while I was in there, and headed back out to the dining area to find them. My mom asked me if I was sure I didn’t want anything. I said no, I was fine. A little while later, she asks me if Casey will get an upset tummy from the ice cream. I said no, he won’t. She asked about the lactose free milk she’d bought for us at the store earlier. I told her, it’s for me. She knows I’m lactose intolerant!! WTF? Well, lactose sensitive. I can handle cheese and limited quantities of regular milk or ice cream. Yogurt’s usually fine, as is sour cream or other sorts of cream, but those are always limited quantities as well. Anyway. My mother knows this!! I told her, Casey will sometimes get gassy from dairy, but I’m the one who can’t handle much of it. Anyway, it was like a light clicked on, she understood half of my reason for refusing to order anything. The other half was because I was irritated about not getting my dessert at the Ground Round.

So, once everyone was done with their ice cream, my dad drove us back to our house. My parents headed back to the hotel to rest, and Casey and I headed inside. Casey got on his tablet, and I finally got to talk to Colin. He’d had an appointment in the morning that I’d forgotten about, and he was running late and didn’t have a chance to message me before he left. Just glad he was ok.

One thing I did, while Colin and I were talking, was reorganized my pocket knife collection. I’m such a dork! I keep a variety of multi-function tools and pocket knives in my purse. I had them all in places where I could easily get to them, but if I ever had to take them out of my purse for any reason it’d be a bit time consuming. Recently, Casey expressed that he wanted to fly down sometime to visit my parents. I don’t know if I could, with my anxiety, but it occurred to me about my knives. I’d want to take them with, but they’d have to go into a checked bag. It’s nothing serious, but it’d be convenient if I had them in their own little bag so I could just remove the bag to remove the knives. It’s very rare that I would need to, but there was a small bag I had in mind to keep them in that I’d wanted to find a use for for a long time, so I put them in that little bag. It fits perfectly in my purse with the way I have it organized, and is easy to remove if ever necessary.

Other that, we just chatted. He was on Sims, but I’d already played to my contentment earlier. We talked for a couple hours, and then he got off so he could get wound down and ready for bed.

Once we had gotten off the call, I just kept messing around with things on the computer, on my phone, and on my tablet. Just random things to pass the time. It didn’t pass the time quickly enough, lol.

When the mail arrived, I went out and got it. Two replacement cards came in the mail, one a debit card and one a credit card. I activated those and asked Casey to shred the old cards and documents I didn’t need. He asked if he was being super helpful. That’s his way of saying, he wanted a new toy. I told him he wasn’t yet, because all he was doing was shredding some things. He went and scoped out the house, and came back saying he could wash some dishes. So, I ended up having him help me clean up the litter box, the cats had peed and pooped outside the box, and then mop that area, then wash some dishes. By then, he was more than super helpful, so I let him pick out 2 things from his “super helpful” stash.

My mom texted me a little after 4, asking if it was ok if they came over. I expected, given the time, that they weren’t going to go to the little gathering at Casey’s school. I was wrong, guess they just wanted to spend more time with him before the excitement of the party at his school. They took him to the playground while I ate, and then I finished gathering my things together to head on over to the school.

We headed in separate cars over to Casey’s school. I’d asked my dad to move the car seat back over after lunch. He seemed a bit surprised that I wanted to take separate cars, but I told him I wasn’t sure if we’d all want to leave at the same time, and this way if they wanted to leave earlier they could and Casey and I could stay if we wanted. So, we headed on over, with me leading the way.

I sorta introduced my parents to Casey’s teacher. I didn’t actually offer their names, just introduced them as my parents. Casey ran off to the playground right away. Me and my parents all sat down and mostly just watched what was going on. At one point, Lonnie pinched Casey and Casey got upset. Lonnie is always picking on Casey, and it always upsets Casey. I went over, because for some reason neither of my parents would get off their asses, and calmed him down and he kept playing. I went and sat back down.

I was hoping to be able to introduce myself to Casey’s best friends’ parents, but never had the opportunity. Really, I’m just too shy for that sort of thing.

My parents were indeed ready to leave before I was. My mom was claiming to be getting sick from the heat. So, my dad went and fetched Casey from some playground equipment to come and say goodbye to them. They left and Casey went back to playing.

About the time I was ready to head out, I went to go fetch Casey. He was at the far end of the playground on some equipment. I told him it was time to go, so what does he do? He climbs farther up the equipment. Then he says he’s too scared to come down. We argued for several minutes, and finally a high-school aged girl came and helped him down. We said goodbye to Mrs. Crego and headed home.

Dave was home when we got home, eating Taco Bell. I was a little hungry, so I was kind of jealous, but my dinner was much tastier than Taco Bell anyway lol.

Dave went out to mow the lawn, so Casey laid down and played on the Nintendo for a while. He did eventually go out and help daddy finish up the yard work.

I’d intended to get Casey a bath before bed, but was too drained. He ended up having some popcorn my parents had gotten for us, and then it was time to do his important stuff. He started pitching a fit about getting undressed, and then saying his tummy hurt, and one thing after another. He was just overtired. Finally we managed to get him calmed down enough to finish his important stuff and get to bed.

Once he was in bed, I launched the CBS app again and watched the last couple episodes of NCIS. Gotta love cliffhangers! When I was done with that, I decided to go ahead and type this up before bed. So that’s where I am now. It’s quarter to midnight and I’m almost tired enough for bed.

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