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Manic Monday

Begrudgingly got up and got Casey off to school, I just wanted to stay in bed. I was actually pretty comfy, but also still very tired.

Got back home, got a second cup of coffee (the first I had while getting ready for the day), parked on SL, then hopped on Minecraft for a few to fish before I had to go to the doctor for my annual physical.

Physical went well, it included a female exam. I hadn’t had one in a couple years, so fine by me.

After the physical, headed to McDonald’s. I had gotten a coupon off some coffee for a free Egg McMuffin, so I redeemed that and also got a McGriddle. I love those!

Then I headed to GameStop to look at their Xbox controllers. The cheapest they had was $25, and I really wanted to only pay about $15 because Autumn said that’s how much they’d paid for Jordan’s (Jordan is her fiance). Got a couple small things off clearance, then headed home.

Got on Minecraft for a few to fish, and then started looking at the Xbox controllers online again. Ended up finding that the Walmart in Sparta had a couple different ones in stock for about $15, so headed there to get them.

Once I was back home from the trip to Walmart, I only had enough time to briefly test the controller to make sure it worked before I had to leave for physical therapy.

Physical therapy went well, Katie was even impressed with how I did with some of the exercises. My knee is definitely getting stronger, but I’m still in a lot of pain that is intolerable at the best of times.

After PT, there wasn’t really time to go home, I’d only be there for 5 minutes or so before I had to get Casey from school. So, I headed straight to the school and sat in my car going through emails until it was late enough that I could go fetch him.

Got him home and took care of dishes, the sink was just FULL of dishes from Dave leaving them there, and I had to empty the dishwasher before I could reload it. By the time I had the dishwasher reloaded, it was full again, so I ran it again.

While I was doing dishes, Casey had gone into my room for one reason or another, and saw my pretty blue Xbox controller on my desk. He asked about it, so I told him to look in the bag on my bed, where the red one was that I got for him. Blue’s my favorite color, and orange is his. Red is required to make orange, so I figured it was close enough. He didn’t seem very excited, but I asked if he wanted me to just take it back and he said no. I figured he could try it and, even if he didn’t feel comfortable with it now, he could grow into it. Heck, even I would need an adjustment period to get used to the controls. And, 2 joysticks? Wth?

After I was done with the dishes, I got Casey’s laptop booted and ready for him to play Minecraft with me. I fished a bit more, then smelled that Casey had tooted, and figured it was juicy. Checked, and sure enough, it was, so sent him to the bathroom. He grabbed his tablet and was sitting in there for about an hour and a half with no success. I was fishing for xp levels and mending books during that time.

He got off the toilet, and I got him cleaned back up and we went back to the computers. Not much later, I smelled it again. Checked, and sent him to the toilet. He took his tablet with him again.

A few minutes later I heard a “clunk” and figured he’d dropped his tablet on accident. I went and handed it back to him. Went back to Minecraft, but then heard the clunk again. Then I realized that he’d thrown the tablet, not dropped it. So I told him I thought he was done with the tablet for a while. He knew what I meant by a while, like, at least the rest of the day.

He started throwing a fit. As the fit dragged on, I ended up revoking his privileges for the computer and my Nintendo 3ds as well. He ended up going to his bed and crying, but then ended up going and sitting on the toilet and continued crying.

Dave got home around 5, and I got Casey to calm down a bit and cleaned him up again. As I was getting him a fresh pair of underpants, I filled Dave in on the situation. He agreed with my disciplinary actions, surprisingly enough, despite saying that he thought Casey was tired from not sleeping well the night before. So, that was a relief.

Casey said he was hungry, so Dave got him some food and Casey asked about the TV. Dave said, no TV. Casey apparently told Dave that I’d told him he could still watch TV, so Dave checked with me, and I said no, I hadn’t discussed his TV privileges with him. So, Dave said, no TV. I can’t argue with that, I think all electronics need to be on hold for a while. Dave later said that he thought Casey needed a break for a few weeks to drive the point home, that he needs to stop being a monster.

I spent a few minutes fishing but then thought I’d better close Minecraft and do something else, so I scrolled through Facebook for a while. Casey ended up coming and laying down on my bed after he ate, and fell asleep not much later. So, I got back on Minecraft and resumed fishing.

I’ve determined, throughout the last 18-24 hours, that fishing in Minecraft is, by far, the easiest way to gain xp levels. But, I’ve also determined that it’s not the most entertaining way to gain xp levels. I’ve also determined that it takes about 24 hours to fish up a mending book, and I need 4 of them to complete my new armor set. And, considering all the other enchanted books I’m fishing up that aren’t mending, I need more storage for them. I mentioned most of that to Autumn in Discord, but her response came across as bitchy. All she said was that she couldn’t help me with my book problem. I just said “lol” and left it at that. I’m not in the mood for another argument after dealing with Casey’s tantrum.

Fished fairly steadily from about 6:30 or so on to about 8:30, when I transferred the still-sleeping little mister to his bed. Clearly his “slumber parties” result in him not sleeping as well as he should, and him being a monster as a result. It needs to stop. So, I guess no more slumber parties. I’ll miss the snuggling, but we will have to find other times for that.

Casey’s been in bed about an hour now, and I’m not sure I can do much more fishing. I’m close to level 50 for enchantment levels, so I think I’ll get to that point and cut myself off. There’s only so much of the monotony I can take.

I looked at Netflix and considered picking back up with 13 Reasons Why, but just wasn’t up for that either.

I can tell my depression is getting worse, kinda the natural ebb and flow I think, but possibly caused by all the stress I’m always under with my knee as well as being married to a narcissist. I’d normally be interested in reading or watching tv/movies, not JUST playing games. But, all I’m interested in is games. And when I even *think* about doing anything else, I just feel “meh” about it. I’d talk to the doctor about it, but I already am in therapy and don’t feel like I need a visit to the mental ward. But, I do need to find things to relax me and also lift my spirits, so I can find happiness again. I just worry that I won’t find happiness until I find a way out of this situation. I need a job, that’s for sure. And I also need things to drag on for another 3 1/2 years so I can keep the dang insurance. We’ll see how things go, and hope I can survive that long.

In the meantime, I suppose it’s back to Minecraft. I’m not sure what I’m going to do, besides fishing up a couple more xp levels.

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