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Manic Monday

After staying up until about 1:30am getting one of my houses in Wiz prepared for moving my plants to it, and doing a smidge of pet training, I finally tried to sleep. Was able to get to sleep ok, and then I had to try and get up by about 9 so I’d have time to have my coffee and “wake up” before taking Casey to his dental appointment.

So, got up just before 9, got my coffee, then got straight on Wiz to tend gardens and do some pet training. I skipped getting on SL, because I knew I’d be out and wasn’t sure when I’d hear from Colin.

Got Casey in the bath a little before 10. He hadn’t had one in, too many days. I just hurt all the time, and nobody else *cough* Dave *cough* will help me out with it. Let him soak, and then suddenly it’s 10:50 and I still need to wash him and get us both dressed. Rushed to get him washed and out, and ready to go.

He did amazing at the appointment. He was a big boy and went back without me, per the hygienist’s request. His two front teeth are loose enough that she thinks they’ll be out by sometime in September. The other two front teeth on either side are also loose, so not far behind. There is one dark spot they’re keeping an eye on, but I’m pretty sure it’s a baby tooth, so not sure if it’s a huge concern. He will more than likely need braces at some point, but that’s not a surprise since I had to have them too. He got to pick out a new toothbrush, a “prize” (little police car) and also got a coupon for a free meal at a local restaurant, the Ground Round, for doing so awesome.

While he was in the back, I went ahead and filled out my paperwork for my appointment next month. I also filled out the form so they can get my records from my old dentists’ office.

After we left, of course we headed straight to the Ground Round. Our server was, not the best, to say the least. He hardly checked on us, was late for bringing our drinks, getting our order, he didn’t deliver our order another server did, and I had to wait probably 10 minutes to get him to bring ketchup for Casey. I didn’t tip him very well.

I had a chicken tender melt, which was ok but the lettuce didn’t taste good on it. Casey had just chicken tenders and fries. He didn’t eat much. I was hoping we could get dessert, but since he didn’t eat, I wouldn’t order it. Oh well. One of these days I’ll get that dang dessert they have that I want so much!

After lunch we came back home. I got back on Wiz for miscellaneous stuff. Mostly tending gardens. Casey watched YouTube on his tablet until it was out of time, then grabbed my Nintendo 3ds.

I had heard from Colin while we were at lunch. We didn’t stay on long, but it was nice to talk to him for a bit.

Casey had juicy toots at one point in the afternoon, so I thought I’d better go ahead and start laundry. On my way down, I saw that there was cat poop outside the litter box again. So, I cleaned that up and scooped it. It was clear it was overdue, but nobody else *cough* Dave *cough* helps with that much anymore.

So, got laundry in, then headed up to empty the dishwasher. The whole time all this is happening, my poor knee is yelling at me telling me to stop. So, I rested for a bit and took care of my free book & paid emails. Then I went back to it, and loaded the dishwasher with what I could, and hand washed the rest. My poor knee was so angry at me.

Autumn had mentioned a couple days ago a plush cow she had when she was about 2, and that she really wished she still had it. We ended up both looking on various sites trying to find it. I eventually stumbled upon it on eBay, and her aunt ended up buying it for her. She was so happy she said she felt like crying. That made my heart soar! She really is one of my best friends, even if she acts weird at times. Hell, I act weird most of the time my dang self.

For dinner, amidst the searching, I just had a microwave mexican casserole thing I’d picked up. It was pretty good. I added extra cheese to it, extra cheese makes everything taste better.

By the time we were done looking for her old plush cow, it was about 7:30 or 8. Casey was sitting on the toilet because he keeps having the “juicy toots” again. Dave complained of an upset stomach while also discussing cars and loans with me again, and his upset stomach triggered my brain to panic about him being sick and getting me sick by proximity. It’s really quite ridiculous. My hormones seem to influence how my body will react to these various triggers.

Oh, I want to mention, the gardens moving thing. The house I’m moving them too, most plants “like” which will result in them growing faster. But the main reason I wanted to move them is because any time I go to wherever I have plants, it kinda triggers their needs. And you only get so much energy, required to tend plants, fish, or train pets, so I thought that if I moved them to a house I don’t normally go to, it’ll be easier on me. I can probably get away with checking them just once a day, and save some energy for the other 2 things, which I also enjoy.

It’s about quarter past 9 now, and I’m not quite ready to publish this entry. I’d rather wait until it’s closer to when I’ll be going to bed, so I can type up about anything else I do the rest of the evening.

At this rate, it’s probably going to be farming for more wooden skeleton keys so we can farm ra a few times for a couple of the motes of severity I need to craft the best deck I’ve been able to find on here.

Autumn just said she keeps yawning. I wish I had more friends, it looks like she’s ready for bed soon and I don’t have anyone else to play with on any of my games.

11pm. Did a few rounds of Nightshade in the Monstrodome. Got Casey to bed. Then tended the gardens one last time. We were going to try to do a dungeon called Waterworks that is supposed to have great gear, but we needed to get Autumn leveled up once more before she’d be able to go in. We worked on questing for a bit. I was falling asleep for most of it. Finally we both said goodnight.

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