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Mandie update…

Things have been going quite well with Mandie lately… yet, I’m still anxious about the situation. I feel like our friendship is on a teeter-totter, ready to tip over at any moment.

She “bought” some stuff from me from my old Avon and Passion Parties inventories… but hasn’t actually given me the $50 yet. Also, when watching her dogs this last time, I ended up having to get my coat dry-cleaned for about $15 and we need Stanley Steemer to come by which would cost $150, both of which she also said she’d pay for. So that brings it to $215 that she’d need to give me. The problem with this is that she’s never actually given me any money she’s ever owed me, despite the fact that she has no financial hardship whatsoever. And, whenever I ask about her giving me the money she owes, she says she will get it to me, but never does. She had owed me a bit once in the past (I think I posted about it) and I got so irritated I just said “fuck it.” Pardon my language, but really it’s just who I am…

So, while I actually NEED the money from her, and while she says she’ll give it to me, actually getting it from her is an entirely different matter…

Otherwise we’re getting along really well. I’m improving on my whole issue with taking things the wrong way and blowing them out of proportion, that’s good. It makes things less tense.

Also, see the fanbox post I copied to here titled “On Friendship…” It was kind of an appeal to my family and friends, because of the negative things I’ve said in the past… I’d say it’s a good read. 🙂

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