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Mandie and I have had ups and MAJOR downs since we first started talking. The major downs always lead to her deleting me from facebook. The drama really is too much to handle with her, she’s always causing issues and refuses to admit to the things she does wrong. Every time we have one of the major downs, common sense returns to remind me that she’s not worth my time and causes more stress than she’s worth.

Then something causes us to talk again, usually false hopes of some business arrangement. And we hang out, all the while I try and remind myself not to become attached, that she’s nothing but trouble. Then she kisses me, and I lose my mind into the uncontrollable romantic desire for her. I can never help it, she somehow casts this spell on me that makes me fall for her over and over again. And it’s great until the major down happens again.

This latest time, it started with money. She wanted to get massages, and the person didn’t accept plastic. Mandie didn’t want to take me to an ATM, so she lent me the $50. At the time, I would have no problem getting the money out of our savings account to pay her back. Then, I found out that I was losing all the overtime that I had put in for due to an unexpected slow-down at work. Suddenly we were going to be short on all our bills for the next year, all over $600 of overtime I lost. No new cars in June as we were hoping. I wasn’t going to be able to pay her back, for at least several months. I told her this, and she said not to worry about it. Then, just a few weeks later, she starts txting me, demanding I pay her back by a certain time. I keep telling her that I will when I can, but she couldn’t just let it go. She has her life handed to her on a silver platter, while I have to bust my ass to get by. I was finally able to pay her back, and things seemed to go back to normal. For a while.

She wanted to get massages again, just before she left to get married in Vegas. She said she didn’t have her debit card, so I got $50 to lend her out of my savings account. She said she’d give it back as soon as she got the debit card and went to the bank. Ok, no biggie. Then I had to get her dog to babysit while they were out of town. She asked me to meet her at Target so she could give me food and stuff, and I asked if she could also bring me my money. I sat in the Target parking lot over an hour, occasionally txting her and even calling her because she was late. Then she *says* she txted me an hour before to let me know that she wasn’t going to be meeting me. She always does that, she *says* she txts me but I never get anything. I get txts anyone else ever sends me, but never anything from her.

So, she gets back from getting married, and it’s time to arrange to return her dog. We’ve always loved that dog as though he were our own, and wish he was our own. They got back in town and she txted me asking me to bring him to her. She knows I take certain medications that make me unable to drive after taking them. I had already taken them by the time that txt came in. I told her it’d have to be after work the next day. She said she’d be at my house at 4:30. We waited at our house for two hours waiting for her before finally leaving to go out to eat. She finally sent me a txt asking if we were going to drop off the dog. Dave and I were already at the restaurant when the txt came in, and it happened to be 15 minutes before I was going to take my meds. So I told her it’d have to be after work the next day, again. She wasn’t happy with that, and kept sending me one txt after another trying to arrange to have the dog that night. So, we ended up dropping him off after dinner.

Then the real trouble started. She posted on facebook that she was looking for a new dog sitter. Dave was furious, and that just made it impossible for me not to address it. So, I posted a comment with my feelings, and she wasn’t happy. We started arguing again, and of course she deleted me off her facebook. My end of the argument was that it was rude and disrespectful that she post that when she already has damn good dog sitters who love the dog as though he were their own. She claims she was doing it because I told her Dave was anno yed by the dog, which I never told her. And if that’s the case, the right thing to do would have been to talk to me about it before posting it on facebook given the timing.

I started demanding to have her also give me my money back, with deadlines, which was exactly what she had been doing with me when I owed her. She was sending me the exact same types of messages I had sent in response to her demands. I knew she was playing stupid games, and that pissed me off even more. And then she did admit to playing games. I still haven’t gotten my money back, and it’s been a couple weeks. And I really needed the money before our last payday, we were that tight on money. We were at risk of overdrawing our account without backup funds, and the money would have ensured we wouldn’t. It would either take that money that she owed me, or a miracle. Thankfully, the miracle came through, because she didn’t.

She says she’ll give me my money back this weekend. So far, the plan is that once I do get the money back, I cut my ties with her. I hope that plan follows through, because the alternative is that I fall for her all over again and forget about the drama until it starts over again…

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