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So, Mandie and I stopped talking, again. I’d just had enough.

She had gotten mad at me for something I think is completely stupid. She had gone to the hospital, yet again, for something pregnancy-related. I swear she only has gas, not that she ever tells me why she goes. I had sent her a lot of txts, and she never responded. She claimed she never got any. She got upset at me because I didn’t call. One time, a long time ago, in a similar situation, I tried to call her and she refused to answer. If I just comment on her facebook status, which is the only way I ever know what’s going on with her, she gets mad that I don’t txt. I txt and she gets mad that I didn’t call. If I call she doesn’t answer, and would probably say she never saw I called or got any voicemails I left. I can’t win!

I realized there’s no communication between us… All that we had was hanging out… Going out to eat or going shopping. We never shared our lives with each other. We never opened up to each other. I never even made any effort at all. I never initiated anything, always her.

And, I think I know why. I got sick of her always saying negative things about the way I dress, do my hair or makeup, and decorate my home. I often felt insulted by these things. I’d had enough. Of her.

Not to mention she gets bent out of shape when I choose my husband over her. She does nothing with her life so has nothing but free time, and her husband owns a business and plays a lot of x-box when he’s not at work. So I imagine she’s often bored. Sorry that me and my husband like spending time together. And, despite her wealth, i’ve somehow managed to be owed a lot of money by her. And she never gives it to me. As a matter of fact, she “bought” a lot of stuff from me and is now wanting to return it all because she doesn’t want to give me the money. As if she doesn’t have it!

So, with that, i’m done with her…

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