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So, recently her and I had a little Twitter-fight. It was pretty pathetic. And, although I posted the first message, I wasn’t really the one who started it…

ME: (@HER) so, you’ve had much more than enough time to mail me either my money or my stuff… So WHWRE IS IT?

HER: (@ME) if you want to discuss somthing pick up a phone like an adult…not a highschool kid using twitter.

ME: (@HER) I have no desire to SPEAK to you so just give me the money you owe me LIKE AN ADULT already!

ME: (@HER) not to mention it’s hard to call someone when you don’t have their phone#. Nothing CHILDISH about it, little girl.

ME: (@HER) Also $50 4 a massage last feb, $20 4 food I bought ur pets, $50 4 dog sitting last feb, $15 4 dry cleaning u said ud pay 4

HER: Trying to figure out how to block someone..thats what the world has come to. Twitter blocking lol

ME: (@HER) how about you pay me back then i’ll just leave you alone little girl

ME: (@HER) funny though u started this account just to stalk me now ur trying to block me… Lol

ME: (@HER) it’s pretty pathetic and childish to block someone just because you don’t feel like paying them back what you owe

HER: (@ME) I’m stalking you because I use twitter? Hahahahah GOODBYE amber for the millionth time. You are one bitter angry person.

ME: (@HER) yes you are the one who said you set up the acccount to keep track of me. If money is nothing to YOU then give me MINE back!

HER: I am an adult..stooping to a lower level just isn’t who I am. On that note Happy Valentines Day everyone and Happy Anniversary to my hubby!

HER: Adoption is a choice that should be enforced for some. Thats a law that needs to be looken into.

ME (Retweeting HER): “Adoption is a choice that should be enforced for some. Thats a law that needs to be looken into.” what a heinous thing to say

HER: (@ME) when people are on tv for murdering and beating there kids it sounds like a GREAT law. Why comment on my post anyways?

HER: Think I figured out how to block someone. Crossing my fingers it works haha!

ME: (@HER) so, you want me to just drop it that you owe me money? THEN. PAY. ME. BACK!

HER: Aw well guess I have a twitter stalker. If I am that interesting to them then have at it 🙂

ME: (@HER) ur not interesting, you owe me money. So when can I expect it?

HER: (@ME) STOP TALKING TO ME! Take your drama to som1 who wants it. I stopped talking to u weeks ago. Stop making up things I owe you for

HER: (@ME) should I bill you for everytime I picked up a check,let you barrow my car?

HER: (@ME) I can also bill you for when you were cheating on your husband and lied and said you were with me. Now thats creative!

HER: (@ME) last time I stoop to your level. Leave me alone!!

ME: Can’t say I have any regrets. At least I didn’t stoop down to ur level. Some things just don’t need to be made public. U should be ashamed..

This conversation started after several attempts to collect the money, and spanned a few days’ time.

She decided to immediately insult me by calling me childish (high school kid using twitter? c’mon) and I’ve had enough of her calling me childish just because I don’t like something she says or does. It was the last straw. I lied and told her that I had deleted her phone number.

I pointed out the rest of the money she owes me and what for, and then she tries to say I’m making it up, because she doesn’t WANT to pay me back any of it!

And, she really did admit to me that she started *BOTH* her twitter accounts just to keep track of ME! Is that not twitter-stalking? YES! She probably reads my public entries on here, too! She’s so pathetically desperate to be my friend.

Then she posts that horrid thing about me regarding adoption. She’ll never admit her heinous comments are really about me, so naturally the lie immediately followed, which made it LOOK like she didn’t say anything wrong. But, I know the truth. She posted it about me. I desperately wanted to say “So is abortion” instead of what I did say in my retweet, but I didn’t want to stoop to HER level. I had done nothing wrong anyway except maybe my “tone” was a bit harsh.

Then, she tries to make it like SHE stopped talking to ME?? She wishes! No, I broke off the friendship because I had had enough. I think I still have the Facebook messages to prove that. And I don’t create drama, she does… too much of it. Everything dramatic that has been in my life the last year and a half has been HER.

And then she really went off the deep end. How dare she post that publicly about when I cheated on my husband?! I didn’t CHEAT on him! We were SEPARATED!!!

So, you have my commentary… but, if you did read this, from this snippet who is really in the wrong? The only negative thing I said the whole conversation, other than maybe my “tone” was when I called her “little girl” because I was sick of HER calling ME childish and immature all the time!

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