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Wow. Where to begin?

Not much has changed since I last posted about her, except for one major development today.

She emailed me, apologizing for not being a good friend. I’ve referred to her as my “psycho obsessed stalker.” She basically admitted to the psycho part, and I am questioning the “obsessed stalker” part due to knowing that my PMDD influences me to have irrational thinking. Could it be false perception?

I am the type of person that, once I make a friend, it’s for life. I can go years without talking to a person after a fight, then pick back up like no time has passed.

So, I told her we can give it a go… if I feel anything negative I’ll be silent to avoid an argument, and that if I’m having irrational thoughts I’ll try to express it calmly in a way that’s not argumentative.

I do sort of wish I was the type that could give up on people, if nothing else to avoid the pain I worry will come. But, whatever…

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