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Life Without Technology – The Value of Friends

Please read this to the end… there’s a strong message… and Patrick, there’s a personal message to you at the end.

What would life be like without technology? If we didn’t have electricity, phones, computers, personal digital organizers/assistants, tape recorders, hand held games, cars, etc., life as we know it would be over. If all this technology just went away, we’d be stuck back in the days of oil lamps and candles… sherades for entertainment, maybe books… but I imagine we’d be bored out of our minds.

I have video games, lots of movies, favorite TV shows, the internet, a PDO, and so much more that revolves around this technologically advanced age. But I have realized something. None of this really matters. If I didn’t have any of this stuff, I’d be back to my pen and paper organizing system… I’d be writing letters to pen pals from around the world… I’d be reading a lot… but most of all, I’d still have the same friends as I do now. Having friends is one of the finer things in life. Friends are something you can’t put money on. Friends are priceless. The better the friend, the more priceless they are.

Friends are something very important to each and every one of us. Without our friends, what would we do with our lives? End them?

I have discovered the value of friendship… it’s priceless. If I didn’t have Patrick and Alan in my life, at these troubling times with my husband being overseas, I’d be in a mental hospital for sure. I’d go absolutely crazy. Alan doesn’t question my love for him as a friend. Patrick, he doesn’t know what he means to me. And I don’t know how to show it. Would a warm hug do the trick? I doubt it. But maybe this article will help. I’ll be sending this to him.


If I had nothing else in this world besides you, I would still be happy because you are my best friend and I care for you tremendously. I love you, as a friend, of course. Dave may be my best friend in the whole wide world, but you come in a close second with Alan following right behind. Please take my friendship back and tell me what it is I can do to show you what you mean to me. Does this message help at all?

Can I please have our friendship back? I may not be able to drive and pick you up at the library or wherever else, but Alan would be more than happy to come and pick me up to pick you up and drop us off here at my apartment. Please take me back, I beg of you. I need you in my life, as my friend. I am here for you and I want you to be here for me. Please…

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