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Last night at work…

I closed bakery for the first time at work last night, and it was quite stressful, not knowing what all to do. I ended up taking apart the entire bagel slicer, because no one had shown me exactly what *did* need to be taken apart on it to be cleaned. The manager on duty doesn’t fault me for anything there, even though the slicer may not have been put back together correctly.

A girl got fired while I was there. She had copped a “know-it-all” attitude with me and became disrespectful, and she was also asked several times to get ice, by an associate and management, and did not do it. Apparently she was supposed to have been fired over the holidays, but management didn’t want to do that, so they put it off. Her drawer had been $35 short sometime around the holidays, which normally would result in immediate termination. Since they decided to wait to fire her, other things ended up building up until finally they just went ahead and did it.

Her know-it-all attitude with me was over the Frozen drinks, which used to be called I.C.’s. Customers often still order them, calling them by their former names, and this girl decided to tell a customer that he was ordering the wrong thing if he wanted a Frozen drink. I told her that he was ordering it that way because our drinks used to be called I.C.’s and she copped an attitude and got defensive. Okay, so maybe they aren’t called I.C.’s anymore because people were accidentally getting Frozen drinks when they wanted something over ice, that makes sense. But don’t tell a customer they are wrong for ordering an I.C. because we changed the name! That’s very rude to a customer! And I tried to calmly correct her and she got disrespectful to me.

One of the things that irks me is when an associate is asking me to pull customers, but they just say “Amber can you ring, Amber can you ring,” over and over until I get to my register. I find that very rude and disrespectful. I’ll get to my register, I’ll make the customers happy, I’ll provide extraordinary customer service, but when they say those things repeatedly, it just slows me down because it makes me angry.

Ehh, gotta go to work now… l8r!

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