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Just another Manic Monday…

Got to bed at a semi-reasonable time Sunday night, considering I had to get up early for appointments in the morning. Set my alarm for early enough to give me time to have some coffee and check a couple things on the computer before we had to leave.

Got my coffee and got on SL to park. Then checked gardens on Wiz. Did my free dice roll on DDO. Then it was about time to head out.

First was therapy. It went fairly well. We discussed the baby steps and the fact that they’re going to be challenging right now with my knee the way it is. Then we talked a bit about the whole car-buying thing. It’s a 6 year commitment, and I only need 3 1/2 years of it to guarantee that I keep my awesome insurance. But, the price I have to pay is to continue living in this hostile environment. That pretty much wraps up the hour. Casey spent the time on the Nintendo 3ds, it’s handy to have him bring that with so I can focus on my appointments without him bugging me.

Went back out to the car so I could vape and chat with Colin for a few between appointments.

Next up was physical therapy. The cutie student worked with me primarily. Easy on the eyes, hard on the self-esteem. Did my exercises, discussed the upcoming knee brace stuff.

After physical therapy we stopped at McDonald’s for some food. I’d been wanting some plain old double cheeseburgers. Casey got a happy meal and ate the whole thing, with the exception of one single chicken nugget. He must have been hungry!

Got on Aura Kingdom and did questing on and off the remainder of the day.

Had a frozen meal for dinner, yay. Getting sick of them, but not much in the way of alternatives.

Once Dave got home, we called the credit union to put in an application for the auto loan. It was just a preliminary, and we’d have to wait to hear from someone at the main office before anything would be finalized. Which is good, because the outsourced representative we spoke with offered us 2.49% apr for 60 months that would be pricey, and she couldn’t quote for 72 months because the loan was less than $15,000, and she didn’t have the information on the maintenance plan that would likely bring it to or over that.

Got Casey to bed a little later than I would have liked.

Back on Aura Kingdom, more questing. Got to level, 44 I think, before I went to bed. Was falling asleep while questing, and in bed by about 11:30.

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