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Just another Manic Monday…

The day started out much like any other, of late anyway. Slept in a tad bit, but not too late. I woke to the sound of Facebook messages. Daniel was asking me if I was taking Casey to the Cub Scout day camp. I told him that I’d been under so much stress I’d forgotten to register. He said they had registration there, but why would I want to go when he’d be there? I didn’t say anything else, though.

Got some of the nasty coffee Dave made while the computer booted, then got parked on SL. Quickly took care of my free book & paid emails while launching ArcheAge. Side note: Dave just doesn’t know how to make coffee. If I’d have made it, it would have been yummy.

Anyway, worked on the gardens and stuff like that on ArcheAge, and threw in a little bit of questing. Casey spent most of the day downstairs watching stuff on the Roku.

I’d mentioned the day before to Cyn that there was a 24x plot people were trying to sell that I was somewhat interested in, to move to. She’d tried to tell me all kinds of shit about it being expensive and such, because of the taxes, but I didn’t know where she was getting that idea from. She’d also tried to tell me there was no point in putting a 16x and 2 8x’s down on a 24x because of the tiny patch of public land that would be between all the plots. I tried telling her I didn’t care about that, but she wasn’t having it and started complaining of a headache caused by the argument that *she* was starting.

So, Monday it was a conversation about me buying a glider instead of crafting it. She was being argumentative about how it wouldn’t take all that much to craft it and there was no point in buying it. Then she saw on the recipe that it did take quite a bit more materials than she thought it did. Instead of dropping an argument altogether, she switched gears back to the land I was interested in. She started complaining about a headache again, caused by the argument that she started again, and said she was going afk. I made a final statement that it would not cost 400 tax certificates, and logged off. Clearly, she hadn’t gone afk, because next thing I know she’s arguing with me in text messages!

(Side note: apparently she thought I was going to acquire the 24x and split it into 3 smaller plots, but still keep my existing 16x and 8x, thereby in the end having 5 plots, and then after that sometime still get a 6th plot so I could have the racher’s farmhouse I wanted. That’s what made her think my tax certificate cost would be extortionate.)

Next thing I know, she’s calling me childish for not wanting to argue. I told her it was the pot calling the kettle black. She replied with “you want childish? bye bye family, bye bye guild!” I asked her why she was doing this to me, because I hadn’t done anything to deserve it. But that if she wanted to throw away a friendship because I didn’t want to argue, then fine, whatever. But, I panicked. All she’d have to do is leave the guild and it’d go poof. The guild that I’d paid to create because she didn’t want to be in a guild that did the Dominion things. I created yet another Alt, and so did Colin, so that we could both join and save the guild. I noticed she’d also removed me from Facebook, so I blocked her on Facebook and also on ArcheAge. She’d still be able to contact me in other ways, if she ever wizened up. I’m not sure I care at this point.

How can you just throw away your friendship, with your BEST friend, just because I didn’t want to argue about stupid bullshit?

Anyway, I ended up doing some other stuff on ArcheAge to pass the time, like finishing my Blue Salt Brotherhood quest line so I could get a free farm wagon out of it. That was another thing she’d wanted to argue about — why would I want to have a farm cart AND a farm wagon? One holds two packs and the other 4. The wagon is probably the tiniest bit faster. But isn’t that MY choice? Just like the land, if I want to split up a larger plot into a few smaller ones, that’s MY choice! And if I want to buy a glider instead of crafting it, that’s MY CHOICE!

I redeemed some cash back rewards on my Capital One card and used it to get stuff for ArcheAge so I could buy the wings I wanted and also the part I needed to upgrade the skateboard she helped me craft.

I got on Conan to refresh the base, then got on DDO to deal with the auction house stuff — just in time, there were only 2 days left before I’d lose all that stuff. Then I hopped on Aura Kingdom, just to make sure my housing stuff didn’t get returned. Then I got back on ArcheAge to hang out and do some stuff.

After dinner, I played a couple games of Chutes & Ladders with Casey, then got him to get ready for bed. Tucked him in, then wrapped up a few things on ArcheAge and read for a while. Then I decided to just go to bed myself.

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