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I get so angry sometimes, that I cry…

So, after he’d finished eating, he went in his room for a few minutes, then came and sat on my ottoman in my room and told me, like I was a little girl, that I need to not schedule appointments, but to wait and ask him if there’s a time in the next couple weeks that he’d be able to … (go to work late, get off work early, have off work altogether, etc., whatever) …

As if I can control these things!!!

I told him about the mammogram months ago, and said I’d remind him when it got closer to the time, which I did last week. And he said NOTHING to me about it after my text last week, and apparently never even *thought* to ask for the afternoon off so I could have someone watch Casey for me.

The MRI for my knee is VERY important and it’s not exactly something I can put off until AUGUST, which is when he’s next not in a class.

I’m sorry, but I cannot *schedule* emergencies like that! I mean, he seriously made it sound like, if I need emergency surgery, I need to ask him first when’s a good time for it.

I blew the freak up at him, and started crying, all at the same time.

He told me I was acting like a little child!! Because I told him I can’t plan things like my knee coming up. Because it needs dealt with ASAP!

He just kept saying that I need to understand his side of it. He’s the facilitator for this class, he can’t just take off whenever he wants.

I’M NOT ASKING HIM TO! I can’t exactly help it! The mammo is important, it’s over a year overdue. Almost 2 years overdue. I can’t put it off any longer or I’ll just never get it done. The knee needs to be dealt with ASAP, not at his convenience!

I said, “Well you need to understand my side of it! I have NOBODY to watch Casey for me. NOBODY to drive me to or from appointments. I need SOMEBODY to do this for me. And I can’t always plan when things come up!”

He wouldn’t accept it. Conversation just, fizzled. With my eyes fizzling tears.

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