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Hump Day and Thirsty Thursday

Tuesday night, got to bed relatively early. Didn’t really sleep well, as is the new norm. Didn’t want to get out of bed.

Yesterday wasn’t too spectacular in any way. Managed to get out of bed, get Casey out of bed, and get him off to school. Played on Wiz. Casey came home, got on his tablet, I kept playing on Wiz. Just ordinary stuff.

Dinner was flatbread vegetarian pizzas for Dave and I, plain cheese pizza for Casey. They were pretty good.

After dinner, Casey wanted to play his new mini Jenga. So we did that.

After Jenga, I reorganized how I had my castles on Wiz. I had it set up kind of like a maze, one teleporter leading to the next castle, and another teleporter going back to where you came from. Only thing is, only I knew which teleporters went where. And the ones going backward didn’t necessarily drop you where you came from. So I moved all the teleporters to a central “hub” castle, and when you go to a castle there’s a teleporter closeby to go back. A friend showed me around his castle as well. It’s one I really want to add to my collection next time it’s available.

Got to bed at a fairly reasonable time again. Slept the same as the night before, didn’t want to get up but managed to get Casey to school all the same.

Got on Wiz once Casey got home for a while. Tended my garden, and then my friend Sammy invited me to watch her with her new spell. She was doing PVP with a friend of hers. I never got to see the spell during that fight, and ended up going off to do other things after. I’m glad I did! Her new spell is this variation of one called Humungofrog, and it’s disgusting. A ginormous frog barfs on all enemies. It’s revolting. There’s no reason for that to be in a “family” game.

Spent the rest of the morning on SL with Colin. We’re both premium members, and SL recently doubled the mainland “tier” allotment, which is the square meters you can have on mainland without paying for extra tier. It used to be 512 sqm but now it’s 1024. So, since we’re both premium members, and each contribute 512 to our shop we own together, we also each had 512 sqm available. I decided to, temporarily, stop donating my extra allotment to our family group, and instead take a premium house again. It’s an alternative that’s offered as a benefit for subscribing. Colin got on with me and did the same with his extra allotment. We spent a few hours setting each of our new homes up. It was nice.

A couple hours after Casey got home from school, my birthday gift from my parents was delivered. They got me a Roomba! I was livid at first, I guess because I thought Dave would hate it. But I put it to work right away! While “she” was cleaning, Casey and I baked cookies, then called my parents to talk and thank them.

Rested for a little bit after baking the cookies, then cooked dinner. Tonight it was roasted chicken breast with roasted red potatoes and sauteed zucchini with mushrooms. It was fantastic! The chicken was perfectly roasted, melted in my mouth! The potatoes were browned just enough to be crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The zucchini was a little too mushy for my taste, but the mushrooms were perfect!

And then I got back on Wiz to see if my gardens needed anything. Dropped in on that same friend from last night to help him with his questing, but then he went off to do a dungeon, so I decided it was a good time to do this!

Now I’m going to get a bath going for Casey. It’s still early, so hopefully I can shower tonight as well. We have a play date tomorrow with Casey’s best friend, Elijah.

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