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Hump Day

I thought I’d only be watching one episode of Harlots last night, but the first was so exciting I ended up watching a second. Thankfully, I was able to stop at just 2. I’m eager to see how the season ends, but also need to be getting to bed at a reasonable time.

I was awake for a little while afterward, but not too long. Slept ok, but didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. As I was getting worried about the time, I did the math and got up with about 50 minutes to get both Casey and I ready and out the door.

I tried to get Casey to eat breakfast at school, because he also had trouble getting out of bed. He brushed his teeth and washed his face before getting dressed, and had enough time to either have breakfast at home or at school, but I worried we’d be late if he had breakfast at home again. We were barely on time! The bell ran as we were walking to the door. We really need to do a better job of getting up on time. I think I need to get him to bed just a bit earlier, 15 minutes, and try to get to bed by 11:15 myself, which is about 15 minutes earlier than what I usually aim for. Hopefully then we can get up and get going better.

Came back home after dropping him off and made my latte. Somehow, despite having enough time this morning, I’d forgotten all about making any coffee. How does one manage to forget such a thing? Once I sat back down, I got on SL to get dressed. The only thing going on today was book club in the Cafe at 11 my time.

Colin woke up late, but made it on time for book club. I busied myself with my free book and paid emails for some of the time that I waited for him, but otherwise was just scrolling Facebook and wondering what else I could do with my time. One time, when I wasn’t hearing from him, turned out he was in the hospital. I ended up getting an email from his mom letting me know. So, any time I don’t hear from him when I think he’d be up, I get worried.

Four people turned up at the shop about 20 minutes before Book Club was set to start. They were just wandering down the road, and stopped in. We ended up having two of them stay for the meeting, and we decided to read “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.” It’s a literary classic, but I’ve actually never read it and would like to.

After the meeting, Colin and I just kinda hung around for a bit, then did a bit of “window shopping” at female clothing stores (for me, of course). I peeked at the Destination Guide and found a Fairytale Land to check out, and we spent the rest of the afternoon there.

Got Casey from school, he didn’t look quite as excited to see me today. I was hoping he’d kinda run over to me and let me pick him up like the last couple days, but not today. We headed back home and I got him to sit on the toilet again. I let him take his tablet with him. Colin and I hadn’t finished exploring Fairytale Land, so we did that while Casey sat on the toilet.

For dinner, I made a Stuffed Acorn Squash dish from the Forks over Knives magazine we recently got. I was excited to try it. It looked really good! It was a good, filling, meal. Dave said it was a little bland, so I could probably add some more salt & pepper and sage next time. But I thought it was fine as it was.

After dinner, I got back on the computer. Casey painted a bit while Dave was eating, cuz Dave just can’t postpone his after work routine to sit down and eat as a family.

Dave was heading back to his room after dinner, when he noticed Casey’s Vick’s waterless vaporizer was still on. I haven’t even been in Casey’s room today, except to get him up and pick out clothes for him. Dave had noticed when he first got home that Casey had left his Minecraft torch on. But, again, I hadn’t been in there. So, after seeing the Vick’s vaporizer still on, he says “I wish I could live my life doing only half of what is expected of me.” Asshole, you have nothing you can expect from me. NOTHING. I do a LOT more than half of what you deserve to expect from me!

So, yeah, guess it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t sit down to eat with me and Casey. Cuz, clearly we’re not a family anymore.

Some random person that’s following me on Facebook is posting comments on my post that, frankly, I don’t want on my posts. So, I blocked them. This makes just 3 people on Facebook that I’ve blocked. I had blocked Mandie years back when we had a falling out, but other than that I’ve only blocked my brother’s exes.

About 7:30 I’m going to get Casey ready for bed, then watch Harlots again. There are only 2 episodes left, so I’ll finish it up tonight.

If I’m still too awake after watching that, I’ll find something to do on SL to finish winding myself down for bed.

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