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Sorry I haven’t updated lately. Don’t worry, you all haven’t missed much.

For the most part, this is an entry simply to let you all know that I will be posting a larger update relatively soon.

To update you on a few things, though: Dave and I are at wit’s end with various stresses, mostly with his dad’s estate and our respective jobs.

Dave had gotten laid off from his old job and therefore took a major pay cut to start a new job elsewhere. Fortunately, he is a worker anybody would be glad to have on staff. Unfortunately, his talent and dedication alone make him worth a higher pay rate anywhere he goes as compared to other workers in the same field, which employers at this time really can’t afford.

My job is going okay, but my schedule is still chaotic, leaving me little time to focus on my Passion Parties, which could really get us out of this financial rut.

However, all in all, our financial situation is blessed compared to a great part of our country, so it isn’t as large of a stress.

We both like to keep pretty busy, and our new home is definitely helping with that! I dare say, I think we might have got ourselves a lemon! There are things wrong we knew to begin with needed attention, so that’s all fine. But, it looks like some of the updates were done by homeowner, so we need some inspections done to ensure overall safety and security.

Dave’s MIL ended up in rehab due to liver failure. Apparently it was voluntary, but I know all too well how voluntary some medical things can be. “You can volunteer and go to this place, or we can send you to this other crap-hole facility. It’s up to you, but I’d recommend going voluntarily.” Been there, done that, etc. I don’t know how well she’s done, but I don’t imagine she’s doing as well as we’d hope. I don’t know when Dave was last at her house to visit, and I haven’t been myself to “notice” any beer cans. As far as I know she’s still unemployed as well. So, despite liver failure, she may not have hit her “rock bottom” that is pretty much essential to guarantee any measure of success at curing her alcoholism.

That about sums everything up, but I do hope to post more details on things in the near future.

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