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So, things haven’t changed much since my last update.

Dave decided to apply for Deputy Sheriff… and didn’t consult me. He’s been working on the application this week, which is very lengthy and detailed, of course. I don’t know that I would feel comfortable or safe with him in such a job. It was hard enough when he was in the military, but every danger he faced there was decided by his superiors. I guess it was almost expected that he may not come home. But if he becomes a Deputy Sheriff, or any other law enforcement, he could end up a casualty in a shooting or some craziness that I would then have to live with every single day. I don’t know, I guess it’s really not that different from being in the military. But he was in the military when we met and got married… and it was never going to be permanent. This is a different choice, and if it makes him happy it could last until his retirement… or until he dies in the line of duty. I don’t know… I’d just really rather him not be in another career path that’s dangerous.

Everything else hasn’t changed much… I’m not sticking to the diet I’m supposed to, I don’t even know if I’ve posted about that before. Things are the same at my work… I’m just stressed out now about Dave’s new career choice.

And my damn cat. She just pissed on the carpet. She’s been pissing on the carpet for a LONG time now. Yesterday we tore up all the carpet in the front foyer area because it reeked so bad and we couldn’t get the smell out. It’s all tile there now. This afternoon while we were out on a bike ride, she took a shit on the carpet right in front of that area. And now, while I was typing the first two paragraphs, she pissed on the carpet in front of that area, right in front of me! I know she’s old and she went through issues with temporary blindness, but damnit she has a nose and knows where all three litter boxes are! She has used the litter boxes in front of us, as recently as yesterday! We praise her when we see her use the litter boxes. They were all cleaned yesterday so there’s NO reason for her to not use them! I’m fed up with it and feel like there’s nothing I can do! The vet suggested behavioral modification pills. I’m not putting my cat on psychiatric drugs! The last time I tried that with our other cat she just slept all the time and wasn’t herself. I’m not doing that to Josie. But I’m so sick of cleaning up after her!!

Okay, now that I’ve ranted about two separate things going on… I think I’ll say goodnight.

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