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Heart Problems…

So on Thursday I had to get picked up from work because I was having chest pains, shortness of breath, fluttering in my chest, and abdominal cramps.

Dave took me to the emergency room and they monitored me for a couple hours, did some lab work and 2 ekgs. They discovered that my heart was beating extra beats for no reason, and they were useless beats, so that is why I was feeling the fluttering in my chest.

They put a monitor on me for 24 hours and I have to see a cardiologist on Wednesday to go over those results and find out why my heart is beating extra, useless beats.

I have missed 3 days of work because of the fluttering. It makes it hard for me to catch my breath, and when I try to talk it makes it really hard and I have difficulty talking because I have to keep pausing to breathe. I hope that they can find out what is going on so that I can get treatment and return to work soon.

My mom sent me a link that goes over Mitral Valve Prolapse symptoms… What’s shocking to me is that I have like 95% of these symptoms, to include the stomach issues, the bipolar, depression, anxiety… I was dumbfounded and realized that I may not have my stomach condition, or bipolar (they never were able to witness a manic episode), depression, anxiety… it is quite possible that it’s all just the MVP. Granted, I have no diagnosis yet, but it really seems to me a good possibility. And easily treatable with heart medication. And if this is what I have, I could very well get off my bipolar medications…

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