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Happy Memorial Day!

Woke up earlier than I wanted, considering how poorly I had slept Saturday night. Dave and Casey were making a ruckus again, so I got up.

Dave had made a pot of coffee in the Bunn, so I grabbed a cup and headed to my room to do my usual. Got dressed in SL, tended my gardens in Wiz, and then hopped on Sims 4.

Dave made pancakes & eggs for breakfast. It was pretty yummy, his pancakes turned out perfectly.

Around 11 I heard from my dad that he wasn’t going to be able to make it over today, because he was sick with multiple stomach issues. I wondered if it was just something he ate? He said he wasn’t sure.

On Sims, had to do some straightening out with the family I’d been playing before I started Jessica. Kara and Nate had each gone and married someone else. Kara wasn’t living in the same house, and Nate had his husband move into the big house he used to share with Kara. I separated Nate from Brayan, his husband, and got Brayan moved out of the big house. Moved Kara and her new family back in. Then, since Nate wasn’t Jessica’s father, I decided to hook them up, lol.

Around 2, Dave asked if I wanted to sit under the shady tree in the backyard with him and Casey. I was doing my free book and paid emails at the time, so I finished that up and headed out back. I wasn’t out there with them long before Dave was ready to come back inside. It was nice while it lasted, though.

A little while later I fixed myself up some leftovers and ate some dinner.

Then it was back on Sims 4. Just spent time playing, doing various things while Dave read downstairs and Casey played on the Nintendo.

Dave got Casey a bath going a little before 8. While Casey dried off after, he kept playing the Nintendo. Then I helped him get ready for bed. It was about 9:15 when I started reading to him, so we did just a short book.

While I was reading to Casey, I had this weird feeling in my throat that triggered a panic attack. Now it’s more than 2 hours later and I’m still fighting it. When I have anxiety, it makes me feel nauseous. The fact that my dad’s sick with something to do with his stomach doesn’t ease my anxiety very much.

I’m getting sleepy, so I *think* I am coming down from the panic attack. I might try to sleep and see what happens.

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