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Happy Birthday?

So, I got to bed about 1:30 and was able to sleep in until around 11. It wasn’t that great of sleep, but better than nothing I suppose?

Made myself a cup of coffee, and went to sit down and go about my usual routine of checking gardens on Wiz and getting dressed on SL, plus my free book and paid emails. But NOOOO, there would be none of that!! I did manage to see an email notification of a $50 gift card from Colin for my birthday, though!

But then Dave insisted on dragging me out of the house for a surprise birthday lunch. I managed to finish my solitary cup of coffee while trying to get dressed to appease him. We get in the car and head towards La Crosse. We end up in the downtown area. He goes into a parking garage. Ok. So I have to walk to wherever it is we’re going I suppose.

He drags us, me and Casey, into a noisy bar for lunch. It’s crowded. I’m not awake enough for this! Casey is the only person under 5ft tall in the place. This is NOT an appropriate place to take me and our son for my birthday lunch!

I mention the noise, and he’s like ok we’ll go somewhere else. We start walking down the road, and all I see is bar after bar after bar. Clearly we’re in “that” part of town.

Dave makes some comment about it being ridiculous that he goes to all this trouble to plan my birthday lunch only to blah blah blah, I interrupt and comment on how it’s ridiculous that he forces me out of the house to a BAR with our 5 year old son for lunch. He retorts about it being a place that serves good food. Whatever, it was way too noisy for me, having barely been awake an hour and a half at that point.

I spot a pizza place and ask Casey if he wants pizza. He’s all for it, so we head there.

When we got to the Pizza place, Big Al’s, I went to the restroom. After I was done in the restroom, I called Colin on Skype for a couple minutes. It sucked to not have very much time to talk to him, but I was glad for any time we could get.

I spotted this California Veggie pizza that actually looked pretty good, so that’s what Dave and I shared. Casey had pepperoni.

Afterward Dave wanted to go to the Riverwalk. Which would involve… walking. So, I ended up sitting on a park bench while Dave and Casey enjoyed a leisurely stroll along the Mississippi.

While I was sitting on the park bench there, I got a message on LinkedIn from Nik. I haven’t heard from him in over a year. He was wishing me a Happy Birthday. He’s never wished me a Happy Birthday! I was so happy to have heard from him again!

After the Riverwalk, Dave took me to Panera for my free birthday pastry. At first, he didn’t want to get out of the car, he just wanted me to go in and get my pastry to go. I asked if he was coming, saying I wanted us to go in, and he finally got out of the car and we all went in. I had an orange scone, Dave and Casey each had cookies.

After Panera we stopped at Caribou. I went in to get my free birthday drink, a large mint condition, and got Dave a mango black tea.

Then we went to Walmart. I’d ordered something to pick up at their Salon and was just going to go in and pick it up. The Salon closed a short time before for some annual award ceremony. Wonderful.

Then we went to Farm & Fleet. Thankfully, they had an electric cart for me to use. We wandered around the store, picking up this and that. Got great deals on coffee, a coloring book I’d been wanting that was marked for clearance, some bird seed, and other things. Ended up spending about $120 lol.

Then we made our way home, and around 6pm I was FINALLY able to get dressed on SL, check my gardens on Wiz, and tend to my free book and paid emails. And relax.

Dinner was leftovers from lunch. I ate pretty late, though.

When it was nearing time to get Casey ready for bed, he started pitching a fit, saying he wasn’t ready for bed and all that. Any time he pitches a fit, it’s clear he’s ready for sleep. Dave started taking stuff away from him, by first locking the play room. He still refused to get into his PJs. Dave was yelling, I even started yelling, he finally relented and got into his PJs. Dave yelled for him to get in bed. He got into bed. Dave yelled at him to go to sleep, Casey started to mention about reading and Dave yelled to just go to sleep. He cried himself to sleep. It broke my freaking heart. But, I felt like, after Dave made such a deal out of Casey going to bed on his terms, that it wouldn’t be right for me to go in there and do the usual happy snuggly stuff.

Once Casey was finally asleep, I got on Wiz and checked my gardens, did some fishing, then went to bed.

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