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Got a new pump!

It was suggested that I get up once in the middle of the night to pump, to help boost my supply. The pump I have hardly gets anything out, probably because it’s a manual. I posted on BabyCenter about relactation and someone sent me a message offering me one or both of her pumps. I couldn’t afford one of them, but I looked into the other. Then I found it at Babies R Us for only $15 more than what she was going to sell it to me for. And I’m sure she’d have wanted shipping as well. Then I found an awesome deal on Groupon for there, so it’d be like getting the pump for $25. So, I headed there to get the pump, but was pleasantly surprised with a SCORE! They had the older model of the same pump on clearance for $15.98!! Getting ready to try it out in a little while. Yay!

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