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Get me out of this sick house!

So, Casey’s feeling better from his stomach virus, even made it to school today. But, alas, Dave came home early sick with it. My anxiety has been exponentially high, have I mentioned I’m paranoid about getting sick? Umm, yeah. I’m taking Xanax as I feel it wearing off, rubbing stress relief essential oils all over my head (they’re essential oils, I didn’t wash my face in olive oil I swear!), and just used the Digize from Young Living as a preventative measure as well. God help me I don’t want to catch this! But, truth be told, I kept washing my hands about 100 times more than Dave did when Casey was sick. Ok, well, maybe a slight exaggeration. But definitely 25 times more than he did! I should be showing symptoms by now, I would think, if I were going to get sick. And I’m not, other than the fact that my anxiety does make me nauseous. But I’m remarkably not that nauseous from the anxiety. More, like, extremely toasty. My face is bright read, I overheat when I’m nervous. Dave and Casey both were cold with stomach aches before the rest set in. I’m toasty and my stomach is just… like butterflies, not knots. So, I think I’ve taken enough preventative measures to avoid getting sick. To include, disinfecting the ENTIRE house. Like, it smells like a hospital up in here. Please oh please oh please keep me from catching this bug!!

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