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General update…

I was getting terrified that we’d get to closing and end up short of money to finalize everything, so we’ve decided to keep the closing date at the original February 27th date instead of moving it up to the 19th. This will actually give us an extra $1,000 play room in case the closing costs are more or there are other currently non-disclosed fees involved. We have talked about it here and there and are both still so excited about this house, we really love it and are excited to move in.

Yesterday, Dave ended up spending time at Panera while I was there working. The other night, he’d bought a 12-pack of PBR and his mom had finished them off pretty quickly. He was pissed, and I guess the whole house smelled like cigarette smoke (she’s supposed to smoke out on the porch like I do) and he was just fed up with being there. So he spent some time hanging out at my work. I spent my break with him, and ended up too anxious to eat because he was on the phone with his brother discussing an intervention. They had planned to do one shortly after we got here, but it never happened. And Dave said he had talked to her about her problem a while back, and she claimed it’s not a problem, that she can quit any time she wants. I know part of the stress is that she passes out drunk several times a day, she doesn’t do anything really to help her household, even for her own benefit, and I could go on, but I won’t. There are so many things that accumulate to become more than any of us want to deal with.

Work has been going pretty good. I talked with the idiot the other day, and actually was happy with some of the things she told me. Out of all the cashiers, I have the most sales, which is really good. I am really great with customers, which I already knew, and I am a very hard worker. She wants to see me become a little more self-motivated, and I told her I am learning what needs to be done so I can keep busy throughout the day. Also, there are a couple girls leaving after this next week, so I may be getting my hours, finally. I’m apparently a really desirable employee, who only needs minor improvements to be the best. Woohoo! Consider me the best, then.

So that about wraps things up for now… just wanted to update on things…

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