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General update…

I’m still having trouble feeling my fingers, mostly on my right hand, but I have begun to adjust. I’m also still experiencing excruciating hip/back pain, but there’s really nothing I can do about that right now, either. A girl at work is a massage therapist, so on Thursday I’m gonna spend a half hour after work with her. Hopefully that will relieve some tension. I’m going to continue my exercises for my carpel tunnel, and hope that it begins to improve. The most difficult thing I have to do is avoid sleeping on my right side. That’s part of what’s making my hip/back *and* my carpel tunnel become such nuisances.

Work has gotten quite hectic. The winter slow-down has passed, so business is starting to pick up. Unfortunately, we’re losing more staff than we’re gaining, so many of us are getting over-time. Within about one week, things went from complaining about not getting enough hours, to complaining about not getting enough time off! But, I really *can’t* complain. Well, actually, yes, I can… because every single week I have to tell The Idiot that I take medication and therefore it is *impossible* for me to be there at 5am, EVER, and that it is a stretch to get there at 6am. Anita said to her several weeks ago, “What part of after 7am do you not understand?” Apparently she didn’t understand a single damn bit of it. I have volunteered myself for opening on Sundays, and ONLY Sundays, because we open an hour later and I can pull off getting there at 6am, difficult as it may be. I want to help, and I will do whatever I can. Unfortunately, I just can’t get there at 5am. I don’t know why, but something about my medication, it just isn’t going to happen. So when she came out to ask Penny to come in on Saturday and then gave her Wednesday off, and then proceeded to tell me I wasn’t getting the next Wednesday off, I was a little concerned… and, sure enough, she told me she was having me open on Wednesday. I told her, AGAIN!, that I can’t be there at 5 because of my medication. And, here and there over the last few days I have half-joked with all the managers about ALL THE TIMES I HAVE TO REMIND HER/THEM ABOUT MY DAMN MEDICATION!!! Seriously, people, by now, haven’t I been there long enough that you’ve figured out that I AM A SERIOUSLY MEDICATED INDIVIDUAL???? I’m just so sick and tired of having to tell her every single week, every single Monday, that I *cannot* open!!! Why doesn’t she *get* it? I couldn’t do it last week, I can’t do it this week, I won’t be able to do it next week, or EVER! STOP TRYING!

I am just so frustrated about having to remind them of this every single week, sometimes more than once a week. It’s beyond ridiculous at this point.

Alright well I need to try and relax the rest of this day… I have to rest up between each shift at work just to get by until my next day off, which is Wednesday this week. Only one day off the whole week, and yet barely getting my full time hours. I oughtta be able to get my full time hours in 5 days, not 6. Six days should surely put me into pretty over-time. But, no… short shifts.

Yesterday was 3 weeks since I last had a cigarette. I have experienced absolutely zero physical withdrawal symptoms. I guess it was just my time to quit. 😀

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