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Had a pretty easy-going day today, for the most part. My knee was killing me, though.

Dave took Casey with him grocery shopping, so I had a bit of time to myself. So, I downloaded this game off Steam called Evoland that sounded kinda cool. It was $10. It was a cute and fun game, but it only took 4 hours to get to the final boss of the game, and then spent another hour trying to defeat him without success. I ended up leaving a poor review, for $10 I would expect longer gameplay before reaching the final boss. I think there were only 2 dungeons.

I was still playing the game when they got home, of course. I took a break to go take care of dishes and fold my laundry, then got back to it with Casey watching and cheering me on. He enjoys watching me play games, but I try not to do it often because, yeah.

Dave mentioned before he went to bed that “we need to do some dusting in Casey’s room.” That’s his way of ordering me around. If *I* don’t do it, he’ll start bitching about it not getting done. I’m deliberately going to wait until he says something, and make a smart comment about US doing it together.

So, I am a Host Manager and a DJ at a club in SL, but it’d been closed for months after one of the owners got hit by a couple hurricanes back to back in Puerto Rico. He now lives with his SL partner and soon to be RL wife in PA, and they finally re-opened the club today. I’ve been hanging out there, and for some reason am not “out of my shell” as I usually am around this crowd. I know these people! Why am I being so shy? They keep thinking I’m afk, I finally admitted I just needed to come back out of my shell.

So, I’m going to head out of there in a few minutes and play Wiz for a bit, get some questing in before bed. I want to reach level 100 and do Castle Darkmoor soon lol.

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