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Gah! Too far behind!

Slept ok Monday night. Had a chance to sleep in a bit longer Tuesday morning. Casey was already up when I got up, of course.

Grabbed my coffee, got on SL to park, Wiz to check Gardens, DDO for the daily dice roll, and then finally on to Aura Kingdom. Spent the day questing on and off, among other tasks.

In the early-to-mid afternoon, I went ahead and took care of the bill pay stuff, before we made any final arrangements for Dave’s new car. Despite the overwhelming credit card debt, we can squeeze a car payment into our budget, while still paying off the other debts. So, I gave Dave the go-ahead.

Went back to Aura Kingdom, but after a while started to have some anxiety. I know it’s just because now we’re in a 6 year commitment for the car, plus $16,000 debt.

Autumn just doesn’t understand. If I’m playing videos in the background while doing other things, and getting points that add up to about $10 a week for doing that, that it’s worth doing. And she was being weird about it, like she’s trying to talk me out of doing it. But it’s $10 free a week just to leave them running in the background. Why wouldn’t I do it? And then she just said, “I’m tired of this topic”

We both continued on playing Aura Kingdom together. I was able to eat something relatively mild for dinner. A while later, I was faced with more anxiety. It’ll be fine! I’ve given him something he’s asked for for a few years, a new car. And I get what I want, an (almost) guarantee that I’ll be able to keep my awesome health insurance.

Continued on playing Aura Kingdom until I was ready for bed. It wasn’t too late, I had to get up at a decent time Wednesday. Slept ok, but didn’t want to get out of bed.

Got my coffee, got parked in SL, tended my gardens on Wiz, did my daily dice roll on DDO, then got ready to go to physical therapy. The cutie student worked with me primarily again. Got my exercises done, and got on my way.

After PT, we had to go to Walmart, we were out of a few things. Didn’t get everything I needed, they didn’t have the fish tank filters in stock.

After Walmart, we went home and I was finally able to get on Aura Kingdom for a while.

Casey asked about getting on Minecraft, but that computer hadn’t been working, so I got him situated with movies instead.

In the afternoon, I got a call about the Synvisc injection they’d offered me for my knee. I decided to go ahead and schedule it, give it a shot. It would be ultrasound guided, so it shouldn’t be as bad as the cortisone. They had an opening for the next morning at 8:15. That would be super early, but I went ahead and took it.

He kept asking about Minecraft, so after I’d had some dinner (the usual) I took a look. It appeared a “fresh install of Windows” was the recommended solution, so I went through that process. I told Casey he wouldn’t be able to play Minecraft until the next day. He was just happy I was fixing his computer, lol.

While Casey was watching some movies in the evening, he asked for some fruit snacks. Dave threw them down to him. He either bit down on something really hard or hit himself or something, and now one of the front teeth that was expected to come out next month is probably going to come out in the next few days.

Got him settled down and was able to get him tucked into bed shortly after. We ended up reading a book about a little boy who’s tooth was about to fall out. He was even able to giggle at the story.

After he was tucked in, of course I was back to Aura Kingdom with Autumn. Stayed on there until I was ready for bed, which was later than it should have been considering I had to get up super early in the morning for that injection.

Slept ok, and was able to get up on time in the morning for the injection. I had enough time to have some coffee. I didn’t get on SL to park, since I’d be out of the house for at least an hour and a half. I got on Wiz and checked my gardens, though, and did my daily dice roll. I was getting dressed and getting Casey ready on time, but ended up out the door a few minutes later than I wanted.

They explained to me at the doctor’s office that there’s a chance that, within a week or two following the injection, I may experience a temporary post-Synvisc flare. Meaning my symptoms could worsen for a short while. Also, the injection isn’t expected to take effect for 6 weeks, but I could notice some improvement before that. The injection went well, it was relatively painless. I am able to do whatever, just as long as it doesn’t involve submerging that leg for 72 hours.

Once we got back to town, we went back to Walmart. I’d forgotten a few things, and wanted to see if the fish filters were in. We also did school supply shopping. Casey seemed to enjoy picking his school things out. I returned the fitness tracker I’d bought from there a couple weeks ago, just not happy with it. I also picked up a prescription.

In the afternoon, after Colin had gone off, I tried to call my mom to fill her in on everything. She rejected the call and sent a text that she was getting a pedicure. I told her to call when she was out. She said she couldn’t talk because it raises her blood pressure and she’s oh so sick. (Mind you, this is because the quacks are making her believe this shit is wrong with her.) I said nevermind then. She asked if I could just text it. I said I probably shouldn’t text or speak it. She suggested I call my dad. So, I did, and told him everything that’s been going on the last few weeks. Later, I got a text from my mom that my dad had filled her in on things. If she’s going to find out anyway, why the hell can’t I tell her directly? I want my mother sometimes, damnit!

A few minutes after I got off the phone with my dad, I got a message from Colin. His family was out of town and he was feeling down because he couldn’t snuggle their dog, they’d taken her with them. So we talked for a bit longer while he got settled down for bed.

I played Aura Kingdom off and on throughout all that, and continued playing off and on through the rest of the day. We ended up getting some storms come through, but nothing too serious.

I’d gotten Casey’s computer working again, and he played Minecraft for a little bit, and eventually ended up back downstairs to watch movies on the TV down there.

Got to bed later than intended, was too caught up in playing. Slept ok, but missed some of my alarms in the morning. Somehow managed to drag myself out of bed and got some coffee. Got on SL to park, then checked my gardens on Wiz, and then did the daily dice roll on DDO.

After that, I had to get ready to go to the physical therapy office to get measured for my new custom brace. She showed me the one I’m getting, which isn’t quite what I expected but should, theoretically, get the job done. I was able to choose a color, and decided on light blue. It won’t match with everything, but it’s my favorite color.

After getting measured, we headed back home. I got on Aura Kingdom and have been on, off and on, since.

Casey’s had a rough couple of days, he’s been in such a pissy mood ever since his tooth got knocked loose. He even ended up getting his computer and the Nintendo taken away again. I know he’s upset about the tooth pain, but he needs to learn to control himself. And, he does spend too much time with electronics. He’s turning out just like me, and I don’t know if I want that, so I try to encourage him to do other things. I know I need to do more with him, but being rather confined to this chair, for the most part, makes that pretty much impossible.

The money’s been deposited into our checking account, and the dealership will accept a personal check, so Dave arranged to pick it up at 1pm tomorrow.

Been getting my free book & paid emails done, though some days later than I would like. Been keeping the videos going, edging my way towards all the free cash. Got my new checking account at Capital One set up, and the money taken out of the Wells Fargo account. They ended up issuing a statement and charged a $10 fee even though I’d already contacted them about closing the account. Bastards. But, in the end, I’ll be saving $10 a month by switching to the Capital One free checking. I’m going to argue for that $10 fee to be reversed for the account closure. That’s just nuts.

Think that’s pretty much it.

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