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Fuck Monday.

After I was done watching 13 Reasons Why last night, I did a bit more on Facebook, and then I remembered something from earlier in the day. Someone had visited our home on SL and were there for 3 minutes without being automatically ejected from the land. So, I headed back home and checked our Security Orb. It was dysfunctional. The message I got said to contact the creator for a new one. Well, the creator has been MIA for almost as long as I’ve been on SL, which is nearing 3 1/2 years now. So, I started hunting down alternatives. Found one that I thought would work. In the process, I may have accidentally ejected Colin from our land… causing him to be flying on Sim boundaries until he woke up and was able to TP back home. Oops!

When I finally got to bed, it was around 1am. I had not intended to be up that late! I didn’t sleep the best, either. Woke up in a lot of pain.

Heard from Colin right away, before I’d even gotten coffee. Got on Skype with him.

Got on SL and got dressed, and then started checking more stuff out with the security. I wasn’t happy with the Orb we got, because there was no way to add someone to the allowed list, whether temporarily or permanently, when they landed. So, I ended up buying yet another one. I think it will work ok. Then I started looking for a Visitor Tracking System. People, when they visit our shop, notice that we have a security orb because it says things in open chat. I wanted something more discreet, since it’s for the sole purpose of tracking visitors. I found something that I think will work, that even has a web interface for checking statistics. That might be beneficial. Now we just need to get the word out about our shop!!

Once I got all that squared away, I took care of my free book and paid emails. That went rather quickly.

I scrolled through Facebook for a while, as Colin and I continued to chat.

Then, I decided to go ahead and launch the Sims. Played on there until around the time Colin and I got off Skype, which was around 1pm.

That whole time, Casey was working on his Super Mario Maker. A little while after Colin and I got off the call, I told Casey time was up. Thankfully, he handed over the Nintendo without objection again.

Got Casey a late lunch so he would have enough energy to go outside. He hadn’t asked for food at all today, and said he’d eaten just some yogurt and fruit snacks before I got up. He always asks for food when he’s hungry, but this time I had to insist on him eating. He only ate about half of his Mac & Cheese.

While he ate, I spent a bit of time getting Firefox set back up as my “SL” browser. Mostly for my SL Facebook and SL Twitter. Also for the email account I use for it, and now for tracking visitors on that web interface.

Casey and I both got dressed, and I took him outside for a bit. On the way down, I got the dishwasher loaded and put some towels in the washer. We were probably only out there about half an hour to an hour before he said he was ready to come back inside. At least we both got some fresh air.

When we got back in, I scooped the cat litter box. Then headed upstairs and switched back to Firestorm for SL. Did some more scrolling through Facebook until about 5:30. Then I got up and got dinner for Casey and I.

When I was heading to the kitchen, I heard Dave downstairs talking to one or both of the cats.

I went ahead and made Casey the PB&J he requested, and then put a sweet & spicy harissa meatball lean cuisine in the microwave for me and got some chips and salsa to go with it. The lean cuisine was only 270 calories, only 140 for the chips and 8 for the salsa. Not bad! I still have enough spare calories for my popcorn later! That’ll put me over, but it’s the last big bag of popcorn and then I only have the light stuff left. Besides, it’s a HUGE improvement over what I’ve been eating still!!

Just as I was about to sit down to eat, I heard Casey screaming and crying. Dave was carrying him up the stairs. He said Casey was complaining about a sore lower back, he thought maybe Casey had slept funny or done something during the day. But why would he only just then have started screaming? I got Casey an ice pack, and then Dave suggested maybe the water bucket was too heavy, from when they were going to water the plants. Now, that makes more sense! A pulled muscle, probably. Casey didn’t want to be carried to my bed or anything yet, so he just laid on the floor for a little while with the ice pack. Then he changed his mind about laying on the floor, so I had Dave carry him to my bed and I got him set up with his laptop so he could watch something on Netflix.

I went ahead and finished my meal while watching the news on TV. They were talking about the local air show. Dave asked if I got us tickets to go. I was like, uhh, how am I supposed to walk around an air show? He started going on a tirade.

Apparently I’ve been injured for the last 16 years and as a result have done absolutely nothing for this marriage. Never taken him anywhere. Never done anything fun. Never help out around the house.

Sure I’ve had injuries over the years, but not like this. I had carpal tunnel, that impacted my sleep and ability to write more than anything, and even after having surgery on each hand, I still took care of our son by myself!!

Other than that, this is it! And it’s only been going on since January.

Apparently, at the end of December, I didn’t take him to the Mall of America. Or, on January 13, the day that my knee started acting up, I guess the trip to the Children’s Museum in La Crosse was just my imagination.

I tried to just ignore him, but he took that as my admitting to all the bullshit he was spouting out. I told him I just didn’t want to participate in the conversation. He just continued spouting nonsense. I didn’t even pay attention to him anymore. He probably just assumed I couldn’t deny whatever it was he was saying, but I don’t even know what he was saying at that point.

After that I headed back to my room and started typing all this. It’s not about 7. I’ll leave this open and saved as a draft, and continue typing as things go on around here. Casey’s sitting on the toilet with his tablet, and I’m just going to do some more stuff on Facebook. Anything else I try to do, the nosy bastard will just show up and start on me about it.

And less than 10 minutes later now both the boys are watching Tale of the Brave (Thomas & Friends) so I’m gonna see if there’s anything to do on SL. Doubt it. I struggle to do things solo, too shy around new people.

Ugh. My fucking mother. It’s about 10 past 8 now. I just got an email her. She forwarded me an email she got from her “doctor” after they returned home from their trip here. Guess she’d emailed her “doctor” to inform her of how she was after the trip and that she’d been unable to cope with riding in the back seat of a car for 2.5 hours. I’ve only just today started to come down from the anger and frustration over being left behind. I keep thinking, day after day, maybe I’ll just drive there my damn self. Knee be damned. But I know that, realistically, I can’t. I’m not even sure if I can make it 45 minutes to La Crosse/Onalaska on my own. Much less 2 hours to visit family. And then she sends me this email. I am so freaking pissed off at her all over again. Sharing her “doctor’s” nonsense with me just infuriates me all over again. I simply responded that I would have gladly and easily taken the back seat.

It’s about 9:30.

Casey finally had his snack about 8:45. BTW, some ice and children’s ibuprofen and his back is good as new!

I spent some time chatting with one dude on SL, but he wouldn’t take the hint for a while that I’m not interested in anything more than friendship. He finally got the hint. Instead of just sticking to friendly chat, he left. Whatever.

Then I checked messages on IMVU. I haven’t chatted on IMVU in years, but check messages from time to time. I had an unread message indicator that wouldn’t go away, so I ended up deleting all my messages up until within the past month.

Just waiting on Casey to finish tucking his daddy in, then I’ll read to him and get on with my night.

I was thinking about finding new friends to chat with, but as usual I’m chickening out. I suppose the recent interaction with the dude that couldn’t keep it friendly puts me off a bit. So, I’ll probably tune in to 13 Reasons Why once Casey’s settled.

A little after 10. I thought I’d already published this, but guess not. Almost half an hour in to 13 Reasons Why. About that much to go on this episode, #5. Until next time…

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