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Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Slept ok Thursday night. Was relieved to be able to sleep in a bit on Friday morning, but didn’t sleep in by much. Got up about 8. Casey was already up, but laying in his bed with his tablet.

Got up and got my coffee, then got on SL to park. After that, I checked my gardens on Wiz. Just spent some time doing random stuff there before it was time to head to physical therapy.

Physical therapy went well, range of motion improved again, but it just feels like 1 step forward, 3 steps back all the time. Katie said my knee will always give me problems, and it’s a matter of basically keeping my leg functioning as best as it can with minimal pain.

Went home after PT and hopped on DDO with Colin. Ended up finding I had the ability to inscribe scrolls, basically convert scrolls into spells. Handy. So, I traveled to another zone to get the inscription materials, but when I returned everything looked different. And, come to find out, that “Snowy Korthos” people can’t team up with “Sunny Korthos” people, so Colin would have to travel to Stormreach and back as well. Oh well, same quests, possibly not quite as easy. We can manage, I’m sure. It’ll be fun. Maybe we’ll even unlock harder difficulties.

After I got done with DDO, since Colin had gone off, I set about doing the bill pay stuff. At first I thought we were kinda screwed for the next couple weeks, but I had previously entered in a duplicate transaction over a month ago, and with that cleared up we were fine.

After bill pay stuff, I got some dinner (lean cuisine) and hopped on Wiz. Was just doing the usual, farming this and that. Pet training a bit, gardening.

I ended up getting an IM from a girl I knew from SL, the one who introduced me to Wiz to begin with. She was talking about some party she’d invited me to via Discord, and acting like I was required to attend. I tried to politely decline, but then I ended up getting into an argument with her about what led to me leaving her Discord server.

A long, long time ago I tried to start a book club at our shop on SL. I was reading a lot at the time, and wanted to do it as a group activity. I thought it’d be fun. Some time later, Sammy added a “Lizzie’s book club” to her Discord server (I go by Lizzie everywhere). I didn’t know why, considering my book club was on SL. So, I never did anything in the Discord server. What would be the point? Not long ago, I had a random person join my own Discord server, announcing that she was my new partner for the book club operations. Umm, what? No, my book club is on SL and Colin helps me with it, nobody else. Got into a tiff, “resigned” my (nonexistent) position from the Discord server, and then saw them talking about how it was some sort of competition and Finn’s (Sammy’s last name) don’t compete, they win. It was kinda the last straw with Sammy and her childish drama, so I quietly left the server.

Anyway, so flash forward, now she expects me to go to some person’s birthday party, who I don’t even know? And acts like it’s required of me? Whatever.

I stayed on Wiz doing random farming through the rest of the evening until bed.

Slept ok. Tried to sleep in again, but was still up before 9. Got my coffee and got on SL to park. Went on Wiz to tend the gardens. Stayed on Wiz for a little bit, and then decided to head to Walmart to get a few things. Talked to Colin while I was out.

I ended up buying Dave this copper crisper he’d read about in a magazine and wanted to get. It was only $20, so I thought, why not?

After Walmart I headed to Starbucks and used 2 freebie $5 gift cards to get 2 coffees, one for me and one for Dave. When I got home and showed him his gifts, he seemed genuinely appreciative.

The new bulbs came for my vape mod, but they ended up being too small. The packages say they’re for the baby beast, I have the big baby beast. That was my fault. I ordered the correct ones. Thankfully they’re supper cheap, so not a huge waste. I did get the ceramic coils installed, though. They should last longer and burn cooler.

After I got the coils installed, I hopped back on Wiz. I ended up working on Monstrology, first with Nightshade, a super easy boss, then the Loremaster, the one that drops spells.

While I was doing that, Autumn was telling me about a site she’d heard about, PrizeRebel, for earning money to spend at various merchants. I ended up signing up and found that I could have videos going in the background for points while I’m doing other things on the computer. Handy. So, I did just that.

Kept farming the Loremaster on Wiz, for her animus (monstrology). I ended up in some super difficult battles, since I was aiming for just one thing, and had to hire henchmen because I kept running out of spells. That was a pain.

Kept doing that until I was about ready for bed. Did end up reading for a little bit, but not long. Then, off to dreamland.

Slept ok, and was up earlier than anticipated again. I think Dave and Casey just make too much noise, lol.

Got my coffee, and got on SL to park, but found out via returned objects that our boat dock was gone. The entire Sim had been demolished, and surrounding Sims were gone that used to be there. Come to find out, the owner of the place is probably on his death bed, and can’t afford to keep the place up because he can’t work for at least a few months. That kinda sucked, but Colin was more attached to the place than me.

Spent a while testing the Loremaster in the Monstrodome for drops, but didn’t get any. Problem is, it takes AGES to get stuff from her as it is, so it’s way to soon to say it won’t work. I want to collect more of her animus so I can have 2 of her at a minimum, to increase the drop rate.

Dave made a brunch with pancakes, eggs, cinnamon rolls, fruit, coffee, and mimosas. That was awfully nice of him. It was the gluten free pancakes, though, and I don’t care for them much. Plus, the last time I’d eaten them, they’d upset my stomach. This time, it was no different.

After brunch, I started working on trying to get qualified for a survey on SendEarnings, since they require additional participation for me to continue receiving daily paid emails. I kept getting disqualified, though, and between that and helping clean up dishes after brunch, I was just plain exhausted.

Got on Wiz and was doing some fishing. Thursday or Friday they’d announced members could fish for 0 energy cost. So, I was taking advantage of that. It was nice to do that, for a change. I’d been doing so much farming, it was making me weary.

Dave came to talk about finances in the afternoon, basically asking again about getting a car. I laid it out, that if we get him a new car now, it’s just going to take longer to pay off our credit cards, and we needed to decide together if we were ok with that. The entire conversation went well, but I was surprised about his wanting to make long term financial plans together, when he so often gloats about how things are going to be when he’s finally rid of me.

He told me about a car he was interested in, it would be about at the top of our budget, but doable, and it sounded like a good deal. No plans to test drive yet, though, so we’ll see where this leads.

After that discussion, ended up spending the day farming a variety of bosses, with Autumn’s help, to try and get wooden skeleton keys, which are used to open doors that lead to bosses, usually. I wanted them so I could get to Ra, the easiest boss to farm for these Motes of Severity I need to craft more of the best deck I’ve been able to find for my wizard.

When Autumn and I grew tired of that, I took a shower. After my shower, I got back on Wiz and started doing work on my gardens. I want to move most, if not all, of my plants to my Botanical Gardens house. They get a bonus for “liking” the house, and they’d also be out of the way so I could go to my “main” houses without fear of the plants deciding they needed something. If a plant needs something and you ignore it, it could wilt, and that turns back time when you fix it. I don’t want that to happen.

So, that’s where things are left off now. Going to keep working on the gardens. I’ll need another energy elixir to finish it up, and then I will use the excess energy on some pet training before I go to bed.

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