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Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Let’s see… same ole same ole for the most part.

Friday, got up and got my coffee, parked on SL, then played Conan on and off for the rest of the day. Dinner was leftovers, nice and easy. Casey had a bath, but otherwise he varied between his devices.

Saturday, was supposed to go with Dave and Casey to Aurora, IL to visit Dave’s brother and a few others for a post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner. My knee was super painful, and I thought that 1) 8 hours total in the car would probably be a bad idea and 2) Why do I want to spend the time with Dave’s family, when I could spend it on Conan and talking to Colin instead? I mean, if Dave and I weren’t separated it’d be different. But we are, so, yeah, I have no reason to spend time with his family. So, anyway, got my coffee and got on SL to park, then got on Conan. Dave and Casey headed out, and I called Colin.

Turns out he’d been awake all night, and was exhausted. That would figure. If I’d have known that he’d just want to go to bed, I’d have just suffered through the 4 our each way drive and awkward socialization with Dave’s family. I ended up in tears because I was beating myself up over the situation. Colin ended up feeling guilty and forcing himself to stay awake to spend the day with me.

Colin went to bed around 8, and I expected Dave and Casey to be back around 9 or so. I hadn’t heard a thing from Dave besides a couple pictures he sent me of Casey. They didn’t get back until midnight!

Sunday, definitely same ole same ole here. Got up, got my coffee, got on SL to park, and got on Conan to play on and off all day. Besides a bit of Minecraft, Casey mostly lounged around watching movies.

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