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Friday & Saturday

Got up, got my latte, and got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then came back home and got on Aura Kingdom to check things. Then hopped on Minecraft.

Autumn and I started playing in the Fallout Mash-Up world. It’s fun. Lots of really amazing (albeit post-paw greatly damaged) architecture. The person who put together this world deserves the highest possible amount of kudos.

Played on Minecraft on and off throughout the day, while also ensuring laundry got done so I could pack for the overnighter at the Children’s Museum with the Cub scouts.

Picked Casey up from school and had him sit on the toilet while I got our stuff packed and ready to go.

When we were in downtown La Crosse, being unfamiliar with the raods, I accidentally turned down the wrong way on a one way street, with a cop right there. I got turned around ok and, of course, she pulled me over. She ran my license and registration, but didn’t issue me a ticket, thank God. She also directed me to the parking garage that would be closest to the Children’s Museum.

Finally made it to the parking garage, grabbed our stuff, and made the trek over to the Museum. They didn’t have us on the list, but just kinda wrote us in. Turned out, we were also the only ones from our entire Pack to show up. Wonderful Pack! I swear, I’d take it over. I’d never even received any information about this event, just that it was that night and where it was.

Got our stuff set down near the room where we’d be sleeping, then Casey played for a few minutes. They announced on the PA that it was time to meet over by the stairs and go over the rules for the night. After that, everyone split off into 4 groups for the activities.

The first activity for us was making flags, catapults, and shields, all of which we’d be able to take home with us! The flags were on a fabric, the catapults were made out of popsicle sticks and plastic spoons, and the shields were made out of huge bits of light cardboard.

After the crafts there were done, we headed over by the theater to make makeshift bows and arrows out of rulers and string, pencils and erasers. Once we were done with that, in the same room, Casey got to throw pies at a guy. The guy was wearing plastic bags to protect himself from the whipped cream, though.

Next up was an Escape Room adventure. There were clues hidden in a picnic scene and the kids had to solve the clues to unlock a chest that contained badges for everyone who attended Cub Hibernation.

Finally we were able to go get a snack. Casey got to play with some diced apples, with toothpicks, to set it up like a fort.

Once we were done with our snack, we checked to see if the theater had been cleared out so we could start setting up our sleeping bags. It was ready for us, so we got everything situated. I was having trouble getting the air mattress inflated, but got it far enough to keep me a bit off the ground while I slept.

We were already laying down when they announced on the PA that it was 10 minutes until lights out, and that everyone needed to make sure they brushed their teeth. That announcement led to a good 20 minute argument with Casey that he should just wait until the morning, because my knee hurt and I was already laying down. Finally, after some screaming and everything, I got up and carried him to the bathroom, and then made him brush my teeth. I was in tears from the pain, and he was crying because he’d upset me. He finally settled and brushed his teeth, and I dragged myself very slowly back to the theater, where we were sleeping.

Casey fell asleep pretty quickly, but I had to turn music on to try and sleep and still couldn’t. I just listened to music, and the occasional loud snores, all night. I also snuck some CBD Vape under the cover of my sleeping bag.

Saturday morning, I was pleasantly surprised that my knee was fine. We got up, got our stuff packed up, and then headed downstairs for breakfast. It was ok. Then we grabbed ourself, trekked back to the car, and headed home.

Got home and got most of our stuff unpacked while I got the computer booted up. Got on Conan to refresh bases, and also spent some time gathering resources to make sure all the animals were fed in the desert. That took a bit longer than I expected to be on, because I wanted to make sure they were all ok.

After I was done on Conan, I got on Aura Kingdom to check things, mostly relisting stuff on the Auction House.

Finally it was on to Minecraft, and about the same time Casey was saying that’s what he wanted to do. So, I got that going and we played on there on and off throughout the rest of the afternoon/evening, in the Fallout world. Casey was iffy about it and kept bugging me to let him get in creative, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to let him in creative mode because I didn’t want him messing with existing structures. He begrudgingly worked away at building a house for himself on a bit of empty land near the house I’d picked out for myself.

Got Casey a bath in the evening because he needed it, and then got him ready for bed. Tucked him in, then kept playing on Minecraft a bit wit Autumn before finally crashing myself.

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