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Friday & Saturday

Got up Friday, got my latte, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home.

Heard from Daniel fairly early, he wanted to get together but said he had a busy day. He was somehow able to fit me into his schedule, though. Saw him around 9 for a very short while. Colin had woken up a short while before, but I let him know that Daniel was coming over. He said he was going to lay back down for a while, then.

Took care of my free book & paid emails quick, and then got on Minecraft. Spent a length of time traveling home with Cyn, with a couple Mooshrooms in tow. Got nearly home and mine died after falling about 2 blocks height. Previously in the journey, I had broken the boat (with the Mooshroom in it) with my sword several times, and accidentally hit my Mooshroom each time. She was lucky to have survived all those blows, but somehow had. Until that fall, anyway. Headed the rest of the way home with Cyn and her Shroom, then ventured back out at dawn the next MC day to get another Mooshroom for myself. Cyn stayed behind.

Daniel had said he was going to come back over around 2, but I’d guessed he wouldn’t make it when he hadn’t been on Facebook for hours and it was getting closer and closer to the time he was due over. He ended up getting back on FB and asked for a huge favor. He mentioned something about Michael being parent pickup (which is odd since Michael always rides the bus), and asked if I’d seen his other grandma picking him up at all this week. I said no, Michael had been riding the bus all week. He got back off Facebook without saying anything else, so I have no idea what the favor was he needed.

I made it back to Mushroom Island, and logged off to go pick Casey up from school. Brought him back home and had him get on the toilet before letting him get on Minecraft himself.

Back on Minecraft, Iwas on my way back from Mushroom Island with a new Mooshroom, and had been doing quite well soloing the journey. Cyn had stepped away from the computer from time to time as she was working on their dinner. She’d said she was going to brb, and then the sun set in game. I laid down my bed and tried to sleep, expecting her to be back very quickly and also sleep to pass the night. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it back. A creeper found me, and exploded. The new Shroom did not make it. Her death was instant, at least she did not suffer, but I did. I was devastated.

I made the rest of the trip home, then began fishing to calm down. Cyn felt terrible for my loss, though the fault was not with her. I should have elevated myself on a dirt tower in her absence, not laid in the bed expecting her swift return. She suggested maybe getting on SL to distract me, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to do anything there, either.

Casey had asked for a slumber party earlier this week, but I had said no because it was a school night. I promised him a slumber party Friday night, so when it was time for him to get ready for bed, I got the trundle pulled out and ready for him. Read a Mad Lib with him and then tucked him in, with children’s lullabies playing on my Echo.

Back on Minecraft again, Cyn and I ended up venturing to a nearby, unexplored cave system. We gathered quite a few resources (coal and iron), as well as killed some mobs that were lurking in the shadows. She left before me, exhausted as it was nearly midnight. I wrapped up my mining and headed home, then logged off for sleep as well. I had been dozing off for a while, but was also enjoying myself and reluctant to go to bed. With Cyn having logged off for bed, it only made sense that I would follow suit.

This morning, woke up much earlier than expected, and felt quite comfortable. I heard Casey rustling on the trundle beside me, and started petting him, lol. After a while of that I reached both arms toward him, and asked him for some snuggles. He crawled up into my bed and we snuggled for a bit. He was clearing his throat a lot, I could tell he was sick again. We’d done so well, for several weeks, without him having cold symptoms, but now they were back after just one night in my room. I like it colder in my room, but it must have been too cold.

We got out of bed and I got my latte. He wanted Minecraft right away so I logged him into his computer. I got him some hot cocoa and cereal to have while he played.

After a while Casey had wandered back into my room and said it felt like winter in there. I didn’t think it was that cold at the time, but as time passed I started feeling chilly. I closed the window, turned off the fan, and turned on the space heater.

Got on Conan to refresh the base and feed the pets, then Aura Kingdom and DDO to deal with the auction houses. Then took care of my free book and paid emails, before launching Minecraft.

Dave took Casey to the Armed Forces Day celebration on Fort McCoy. I didn’t want to say, but I didn’t think he should because of Casey waking up sick and it being cold and rainy outside. Casey was also very grouchy, because of being sick. They headed out, and I stayed on Minecraft.

I didn’t really feel like playing in the Realm, but I wanted to play Minecraft. I wanted to do something different, like an adventure map. I checked the store for what I could afford, but nothing interested me. Finally I started going through world templates I owned, looking for one that was nice. I deleted the original Creative Crayons Coloring Book world, because I’d changed it to survival and it should have been adventure. It also hadn’t been played since about the time Casey and I started playing Minecraft. I created a new one and Cyn joined me to try it out for a bit, but the paintbrushes stopped working much too quick. I then tried the Frostfall world, and it seemed nice enough. We spent quite a bit of time exploring in it, but then Cyn mentioned that it was supposed to have dragons in a resource pack. So that meant starting over, because I’d have to delete the template and download it again. I got back in and found a dragon almost right away, but then Cyn said she was going to lay down.

I got on BnS for a while, but some things weren’t loading right. I checked for updates, and there was a patch I hadn’t installed yet. After it was installed, I got back on, but then Casey wanted to get back on Minecraft (he’d been laying and watching movies for hours) and I needed to log him back into his computer. By then I was ready for my shower, so I went afk for that.

When I got back to the computer, Cyn was awake. She saw I was on BnS and started patching herself. I don’t know why she was even bothering, it’s not like she’d want to play it with me. Nevertheless, she sent me a party invite as soon as she was logged in. I let her know I was planning to do my dailies. She was only online for a little while, said she didn’t know what to do, then logged off to get on SL.

Meanwhile, I needed a relog, and started farming Buds once I was back in. When I was done, it was about time for Casey to get ready for bed. While he was supposedly doing that, I was working on farming some Peaches. I heard him downstairs talking with Dave, so I let him be for a while. He finally showed back up in my room, and said he was too tired to brush his teeth. I told him it had been an hour since I’d told him to get ready for bed, he should have brushed his teeth then. He finally went to brush them after a threat of not reading to him if he didn’t. I’d still read to him anyway, but he doesn’t need to know that. I just know that he loves me reading to him enough that the idea of me not reading to him is enough to get him to do what needs to be done. He brushed his teeth, then I read to him. He was asleep before I was done.

Got back to the computer and started working on my dailies on BnS. I’d wanted to do the 2nd boss of Cold Storage, but everybody left and I couldn’t find people for it after that, so I left also. Wrapped things up with inventory management, and upgraded my weapon to Aransu 2 which is pretty nice. Then logged out. I was torn between getting on SL with Cyn, or getting back on Minecraft to check out more of Frostfall.

Ultimately I ended up getting on SL. I kinda felt like going to Sanstar’s gig at Wild Angels, where I used to be a DJ and manager. Only thing is, it doesn’t start until midnight. Would just see where the night lead, I suppose. In the meantime, I ended up changing back into my full-size neko self. It’d been too long since I’ve been “me.” Pixie is adorable and Chibi Noodle isn’t so bad, but “I” am full-size neko.

Made it to midnight and headed over to San’s gig. He asked if I was still hosting anywhere, so I delicately told him about my place I’m trying to open. He asked for a landmark, and I passed along the one marked “Cafe” because I do not want to be accused of poaching lol.

Hung out at Angels for a while, but the vibe was different and I wasn’t sure I really cared for it. Something about it made me feel claustrophic, too. I think they made the dance floor smaller. By about half past, I was done and getting ready for bed.

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