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Friday & Saturday

Friday, got up and got my latte, then got Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home and got on Portal Knights on my alt. Wasn’t really feeling it, though, so didn’t do much.

Talked to Colin during the day, and had actual conversations again. That’s nice when we can find things to actually talk about. He ended up getting Portal Knights, not entirely sure why since he’d said he wasn’t really interested in it.

When it was time to go get Casey from school, I’d forgotten about staying after to watch the presentation he’d done for his project. We’d gotten a minute away from school when I remembered, and turned back around.

His presentation was cute, it was about peacocks. It wasn’t very long. After watching it, I chatted with Ms. Conner for a bit. I told her that he’s been complaining about certain boys always being mean to him. She said she is having a problem with that particular group of boys, and that it’s not just Casey. Well, I guess that’s reassuring? I mean, at least he’s not being bullied per say.

Headed back home and got him on the toilet, and I got back on Portal Knights on my main to do some questing with Cyn. We needed to level up to where we could do the quests in the higher zones without dying, because we had a mini boss and boss to defeat to continue progressing.

Once Casey was done in the bathroom, he got on Minecraft. He’s been asking me again about playing it with him, but I just am not interested. I wouldn’t be opposed to playing Minecraft, but he only plays in creative mode and I don’t like to. It’s fine if I have building ideas, but usually I don’t. So, I just simply told him I wasn’t playing Minecraft.

We continued playing our respective games throughout the rest of the evening. Got him to bed, a bit later since it was Friday, then got back to my own game. Kept trying to quest until bedtime.

Saturday, set an alarm so I wouldn’t sleep in because we had a Cub Scout advancement ceremony to attend and I wanted plenty of time to get my coffee before it was time to go. Got my latte and got on SL to park, then took care of my free book & paid emails. Got dressed to head to the ceremony.

Stopped at Walmart to grab some cupcakes on the way to the ceremony, then headed to the park where it was being held. I hadn’t bothered telling Dave it was a ceremony we were attending, because he hasn’t been that involved in the Cub Scouts anyway, with the exception of him completely taking over Pinewood Derby. It was just small thing where he was handed his Neckerchief and declared to be a Tiger now. They did that with each group present, and then we had some lunch. There were some more announcements but mostly from thereon it was just socialization between the parents.

After everything was wrapped up and people were starting to trickle out, Casey and a bunch of other boys ran over to the playground. I moved my car over there so I wouldn’t have to walk so far to get back to it after he was done playing. Chatted a bit with a couple other parents from the Lion Den, and Daniel and I ended up being the last to leave again. It was nice to chat with him a bit, but I’m growing weary of the constant excuses for not wanting to commit in any way.

Headed back home and let Casey get on Minecraft, and I got on Portal Knights on my alt to continue leveling her up. I was leveling her up significantly more before going to each next map, hoping it would make it easier in the end. I was also enjoying playing her.

Cyn got on and made a pet shop because we were overflowing with pets in our chests, so I kept working on my alt. Once she was done with that, I switched to my main so we could work on them.

The next place we had to quest was the one with the mini boss, so we attempted that a few more times but still failed. I made some skills for the next time we’d make an attempt, but for the rest of the evening went searching for the other NPCs in that map. Finally found the one, and was awarded almost 5k XP for his little quest. It leveled me and Cyn up at the same time, making quite a raucous lol.

While I was looking for that NPC, Cyn unlocked a portal that we hadn’t previously unlocked. In the new map, there was a housing person selling deeds to new lands. After we got the XP for the one quest in Witchwater, we headed to the new map to buy a deed each. We will eventually get them all, but that was all we could afford for now.

By then I was ready for bed, so I logged off for the night.

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