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Friday & Saturday

Friday. Let’s see. What can I say? Got to bed later than I should have, was up playing Minecraft with Autumn until like 2am. Slept the same as any other night lately. Woke up a bit later than I would have liked, but at a fairly reasonable time considering.

Got my usual stuff done: getting dressed on SL and then doing my free book & paid emails.

Heard from Colin fairly early and got to Skype with him for a while.

The rest of the day was spent on Minecraft, most of that with Casey. It’s so fun playing with him, he turns into a regular kid, not a barefly understandable toddler-type person. I love it!

Dave got home a little after 4. Casey and I were already eating dinner, both of us were pretty hungry. He said that it was the last day of his class, and he got a passing grade. He also mentioned really wanting to go to the air show this weekend, and he was thinking of taking Casey anyway, even though I wouldn’t be able to go. He seemed more understandable of my inability to do all that walking. He sat down with me and Casey for a little bit, but I got up once I was done eating. Took care of my dinner dishes then went back to my computer.

Dave came by my room and offered me a beer, which I gladly accepted. It was pretty good, too. I guess the last couple days are a bust diet-wise, but you gotta live a little or you’re going to become resentful of your diet and then you’ll just gain all the weight back. I’m trying to change my lifestyle, not just “diet.”

I was able to stay on Minecraft through most of the evening, because Casey was out in the kitchen doing stuff. Any time he came anywhere near my room I’d tab. See, I know that I’m the parent and if I want to play Minecraft on my own I can, but I feel bad telling him his time is up and then staying on it. Plus, if he saw I was playing, he’d either want to play too, or at least want to watch me. And I think he needs a break from Minecraft altogether at his age.

Time seemed to drag for the evening until finally, around 9, both the boys got ready for bed. Casey ended up having a slumber party with Dave. He was originally supposed to have a slumber party with me, per our discussion on Thursday night, but I guess he changed his mind on who he wanted to sleep with lol.

I stayed on Minecraft until late again. Autumn actually signed off before me, around 1:30. I stayed on about another half hour. I would have gone to bed earlier, despite the Minecraft, but I had a cold beer that I wanted to finish anyway.

So, finally got to bed and was probably asleep by about 2:30am. I need to get these late nights under control. Casey starts his “Summer Pack” (summer school) on the 25th and I’ll have to start getting up early again Monday — Thursday. So I need to get back into better sleep habits.

Didn’t sleep the best, of course. Set my alarm for the usual “don’t have to get up early” time of 9:30. After half an hour of listening to it, I just shut it off. I intended to stay in bed, but next thing I know Dave’s in my room poking around at my face trying to get me up. So, I relented and got up.

Had a cup of coffee, but then the effect of the beer hit me. I only had the 2, and I didn’t get drunk from them, but apparently my system just can’t tolerate beer anymore. Ugh.

Despite my problems with my stomach and a bit of anxiety, I managed to get my usual stuff done. I didn’t even feel like getting dressed in SL, as has been the case lately, but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t. Something about being seen at my shop wearing the same thing more than once bugs me. So, I did that, then did my free book & paid emails. I was just getting ready to launch Minecraft anyway, when Casey came in and asked to play it. So, I booted up his laptop and got him situated, and off we went to the mines!

Other than a couple trips to the bathroom and going afk for dinner sometime between 4 and 5, I stayed on Minecraft. I kept adding time for Casey, because I didn’t want to stop playing either. I did go afk again around 7:30 to take care of the dishes, because Dave wasn’t doing it. But then it was straight back to the computer.

Next thing I knew, it was 8. I got a pop-up on my computer asking if I wanted to give Casey more time, and I told him only 30 more minutes and then he’d need to get ready for bed. When his computer finally cut at 8:30, he got super upset because he was in the middle of something. We snuggled for a few minutes to calm him back down, and then I asked him if he wanted to go out and sit by daddy. Dave had gotten a new fire pit for our back yard and was sitting out there. Casey said yeah, so he got some clothes on (he’d been in nothing but boxers all day), got a bowl of cereal, and headed outside.

I made a bee-line back to the computer, but not for Minecraft. No, it was to post this before I put it off any longer lol. Minecraft is still open and running, because Autumn is in the game as well and I don’t want her to get kicked.

So, as I was typing this, Dave comes in and tries to pressure me into going outside to sit with him and Casey. My stomach’s still not the best, I’m tired, I just don’t want to. I told him I was trying to update my blog, and he told me it could wait until tomorrow.

No, Dave, it can’t. You see, every time I put it off until the next day, I forget everything that happened the day before. The longer I put it off, the more days of my life I’m losing because I can’t remember them. I can’t keep putting this off and putting this off, it needs to get done, for me, for my memories.

Autumn is currently eating dinner, but both of us are still logged into Minecraft. I’m thinking of taking a screen shot of the message log so I can send it to her so she doesn’t miss whatever I’ve said, so I can go outside with Dave and Casey. But, honesstly? I just don’t feel like it.

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