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Friday & Saturday

Slept ok Thursday night. It was nice to get to sleep in a bit, but I still didn’t want to get out of bed when my alarm went off lol.

Casey was already up when I got up. He was watching stuff on his tablet. Got him some oatmeal for breakfast while I got my coffee.

Got on SL to park, took care of my free book & paid emails, then hopped on Minecraft. I was able to play for a little while by myself before Casey wanted to join in.

We played together all morning and into the early afternoon, then he started spazzing out about little things, like getting disconnected, the app crashing, and his texture pack not being loaded. He was crying, so I told him to stop. He wouldn’t, so I kept telling him to, my voice a bit raised. He started yelling at me to stop it, as in stop telling him to stop crying. So I told him to go to his room. He went in there, crying for a while. I shut his computer down, obviously it was time to stop Minecraft for the day if he was going to act like that.

I stayed on Minecraft, but went afk to do some chores. He was still crying the whole time. Got the trash taken out, clean dishes put away, dirty dishes either loaded into the dishwasher, or hand washed if they weren’t dishwasher safe.

After I was done with my chores, I went back to Minecraft. I finally said, loudly, “Allright, Casey.” As in, it’s time to stop crying now. He came in and said he was so sad, about this, that and the other. Then he said he was hungry, so I got him a bowl of cereal per his request. He asked if he could watch TV, and I said yes. I went back to Minecraft.

A little while later, he said he was still hungry, so I got him another bowl of cereal. Then, I went back to Minecraft again.

A little while later, he said he was hungry AGAIN. I told him he could have a snack, because he’d already had 2 bowls of cereal. So he helped himself to some fruit snacks. Then he came back and said he was STILL HUNGRY. I told him he needed to wait until dinner time.

A little after 5, he came in and asked if it was dinner time yet. I said, “I guess,” and made him a PB&J, per his request. I gave him extra cheetos, to hopefully satisfy his insatiable appetite.

I went ahead and heated up some shrimp & pasta for myself, and went back to Minecraft.

Dave got home, so that occupied Casey for a little while. Then, he came and asked if he could watch a movie on Amazon. I said yes, and got him situated, then got back to Minecraft.

Was doing all sorts of things in Minecraft throughout the day. Some exploring, worked on achievements, got the hopper-related ones. Did a bit of mining, some farming. Overall, a busy day lol.

Got Casey to bed a little after 9, then, back to the computer for me. I was falling asleep at the computer around 11:30, so signed off and headed for bed.

Got to sleep in a bit again, but this time woke up before my alarms even started going off. I heard Dave and Casey up and about, so got up myself.

Got my coffee, got on SL and parked, took care of my free book & paid emails, then hopped on Minecraft.

I kept delaying Casey getting on until about 12:30. Then I finally booted his computer for him.

Most of the day was spent expanding my pond, adding fish, making a new pond for Casey, getting fish and things for it, but I also did a bit of trading at the village and some farming, and even a little exploring of cave systems near the village.

Casey was much more well behaved, so I didn’t have to cut him off, lol.

Dave wanted Papa Murphy’s for dinner, and I’d been thinking about that since the day before, so we ordered online. Conveniently enough, I got an offer for today only for 25% off the order, so we used that. NICE! We ordered a chicken bacon stuffed for ourselves, a pepperoni mini-murph for Casey (which, come to find out, he got to make himself!!) and some cheesy bread. I love Papa Murphy’s! It was pretty darn tasty!

After dinner, Casey and I were on “turtle watch.” We both had eggs we were waiting to hatch, and they only hatch at night after a few days, and you can’t get too far away, and the baby turtles are so tiny and stinkin’ cute you just hafta see then hatch and watch them for a while, lol.

Casey’s computer finally ran out of time, so then he laid in my bed and watched my baby turtle hatch. Then I was going to get him tucked into his bed, but he decided he wanted a slumber party without even saying so, by just crawling over to “his side” of my bed. I told him it was fine, and he asked if my knee was feeling better, because my reason for not having a “slumber party” for so long has been because of how I lay out my pillows to elevate my knee. I said no, but it’d been a while, so it was fine. So, we snuggled for a bit, he told me what he wanted to dream about. Then I got back up, got a few last minute things done, and finished this post up.

Now I’m going to play some Minecraft for a while, not sure what to do though. Probably start heading towards the snowcapped village? Idk.

Anyway, until next time!!

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