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Friday & Saturday

Slept ok Thursday night. Got up a tiny bit better Friday. Getting worried about when school starts up again, like last fall, worried I wouldn’t get up on time. Need to get a handle on it now.

Got my coffee, got on SL to park, got on Wiz to tend the gardens, then DDO for the dice roll. Then, finally, back to Aura Kingdom. Was sure to do the Temple of the Eidolons, twice, straight off.

Mid-morning Colin mentioned a Wiz bundle deal. I asked which bundles were on it, because I’d been wanting the Epic bundle for a long time. Sure enough, it was back and on sale, so I got it. Spent a bit of time getting furniture placed that I’d had set aside just for it.

Then, it was back to Aura Kingdom, on and off for the remainder of the day. Did a bit of this and that, working on leveling but also doing some more fun stuff too, that’s not quite so grindy. Like the dailies. They’re technically quests, but it’s not as difficult as the main questline.

Casey spent the day watching TV downstairs, since he didn’t have access to his tablet or the Nintendo. I made him take breaks from time to time to do other things, though.

I got a text from Papa Murphy’s pizza about a deal on their NYXL pizzas. The last one we got was really good, so I forwarded the message to Dave, as a hint to pick some up on the way home. Papa Murphy’s is, by far, the best pizza, IMHO.

I kept playing Aura Kingdom while I ate my dinner, and of course after.

Around 9, Dave went looking for Casey. He’d just tucked himself into bed. I went to give him a goodnight kiss, and he sleepily asked if I would read to him. Read him a super short book, very quietly, but I think he was already out by the time I got to page 2.

Didn’t stay up too late with Aura Kingdom, slept ok Friday night. I set an alarm for Saturday morning, and actually got up with it! I was happy about that.

Got my coffee, got on SL and parked, got on Wiz to tend my gardens, then DDO for my dice roll, and then finally on to Aura Kingdom for the day. More of the same, alternating between questing and other stuff.

About an hour or so after I got up, Dave asked if I minded if he went to the farmers markets. I said no, that was fine. I didn’t mention it to Colin, because he’s been feeling really bad lately and I just wanted him to get some rest. About 5 minutes before Dave got home, Colin asked if Dave was home. I cautiously waited a few, and then Dave got home anyway. At least I didn’t have to lie.

When Dave got home, he handed me a cup of Chai, one of my favorite lower-caffeine drinks. It was from the natural store. It was pretty tasty! He also gave me a bar of soap he’d bought from the Amish people, Milk & Honey scented? It didn’t smell like anything, thank God, since I HATE the smell of milk & honey. But, I don’t use bar soap, so, not quite sure what he was thinking there. At least the thought of me, I suppose?

Continued playing Aura Kingdom on and off throughout the rest of the day, but did take a break to check the bundle offers on Wiz again. They had another one I actually wanted, The Majestic Bundle, which contains the Winter Wind Tower. I went ahead and got that while it was on sale.

In the afternoon, while I played my game, Dave (with Casey’s help) washed both of our cars. That was nice of him. I’d planned to take it to the car wash, but now I won’t have to. He’s always bitching about my stuff being filthy, like my car and bathroom. He knows that, right now, I’m unable to take care of some of it myself, so it’s nice that he actually took it upon himself to get something done for me. Now if he’d just clean my bathroom. He’s complaining it’s filthy and disgusting now.

When Casey wasn’t hanging around Dave, he was watching TV. Later in the afternoon, Dave suggested that he play the Sega downstairs. Naturally, he suggested that he and I play a game together. I can’t even tolerate the recliner for long. I played a couple rounds of Sonic with Casey before I had to throw in the towel. Dave was like, “Why don’t you just lean back and put the foot rest up?” Cuz that hurts too, dumbass.

So, after that it was back to Aura Kingdom. Did that on and off the rest of the night.

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