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Friday & Saturday

Got a bit behind again, ugh.

Slept ok Thursday night. Woke up Friday morning and got me and Casey ready for the day. Got him off to the bus, then came back home to do my usual. Got my coffee, got on SL to park, got on Wiz to garden, got on DDO to do the dice roll, then Aura Kingdom for the Temple of the Eidolons, then over to Minecraft for the day.

Had therapy at 10am, so got to talk to Colin for a bit before. Therapy went well. I told Lisa about everything that had happened with Autumn and how I was feeling after. Lisa said that, most likely, I have indeed lost a friend. Interestingly enough, she had a worksheet she wanted me to do as my “homework” that involved myths about emotions, and the myth that struck a cord with me was the myth that it’s not ok to experience negative emotions. I feel like, it’s wrong to feel angry or sad about some things.

After therapy, I talked to Colin some more while I went to Walmart. I had a breakfast sandwich at the Subway inside, and then got a few things in the store. Headed home, expecting Dave to be home from the gym already, but he was still out. About the time I was settled back in and ready to tell Colin that Dave was still out, he got home anyway. It’s just as well, we’d have just been in “standby mode” if we’d gotten back on Skype. It sucks, when Dave’s off work and I can’t talk to Colin.

So, got on Minecraft and did some more building. Worked on an aquarium in part of my basement. Got it all encased in Prismarine and then put sand in a big hole and filled it with water, then added coral, tropical fish, and a couple sea turtles. It’s really quite nice.

Dave and I went to the bus stop together to fetch Casey, and naturally Casey wanted to get on Minecraft as soon as he got home. I got him set up to play with me, and then I ended up using some Ender Eyes to find the nearest Stronghold and End Portal. That was exciting.

Got Casey tucked into bed at a reasonable time, and then worked on putting some rail going from the Stronghold location to our new camp, with a stop in a giant village. I got to where I was falling asleep doing that, though, so then I went to bed.

Slept ok Friday night. I woke up early Saturday morning, but kinda told myself to just go back to sleep. So, I did, and slept until about half past 10. I haven’t been able to sleep in for a while, so that was nice.

Casey wanted to get on Minecraft right away, but I asked for some time to get woken up first. Got my coffee, got on SL to park, Wiz to garden, and DDO to do the dice roll. Then got Casey’s computer booted up for him, and we got on Minecraft together. I finished the rail going from the Stronghold location to our new camp, and then just kinda wandered around the rest of the day.

Possibly let Casey stay up a little later than I should have, considering we were getting up early Sunday morning to head down to Illinois to visit Uncle Tommy, Aunt Holly, and new baby cousin Ruthie. Casey wanted to have a slumber party with Dave, so got him tucked in there. Dave was still getting ready for bed, and Casey was lonely, so I snuggled with him in that bed while waiting on Dave. That was nice, I do miss that bed. I kinda wish I could sleep in it myself from time to time.

Once Casey was tucked in, I wrapped things up on Minecraft and then got on Aura Kingdom for a little while. I noticed Autumn hadn’t removed me from her friends list yet, not sure what that means. I can’t help but keep looking to see what game she’s playing, since Discord shows for most games. I miss her. Crazy as she can be at times, I do.

So, after a short while on Aura Kingdom, I was ready for bed myself.

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