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Friday & Saturday

Friday I got to sleep in a little bit, but not much. Casey was up and got me up. There was no school for a teacher’s planning day. And, joy of joys, it had snowed overnight! Not much, just a dusting, but SNOW!! 😀

Got my coffee, got on SL to park, checked the gardens on Wiz, and then hopped on Conan. Spent the day there, on and off. Casey alternated between his tablet and the downstairs TV and playing in his play room before finally getting on Minecraft in my room.

For dinner I made a roast in the crock pot. Dave just ended up having chicken noodle soup. I was pretty irritated that he didn’t eat the delicious roast. It was really cooked perfectly. Tender and juicy.

That pretty much summed up the day, nothing too crazy was going on. My knee was still bugging me, so I left the heating pad on it all day. It doesn’t help much, though.

Went to bed a little later, but not too late.

Slept ok, but didn’t really get to sleep in much on Saturday, either. Casey was already up and I heard Dave was going to work. I was surprised, because I thought he’d have a 4-day weekend for Veteran’s day. I guess he told Casey he wasn’t going to be at work long.

Got my coffee, hopped on SL to park, and then got on Conan. Spent the day there, on and off, again. Casey did more of the same from Friday, too. He spent time on his tablet, then alternated between playing in his playroom and watching TV downstairs. He eventually played Minecraft for a bit, but not as long as he used to.

Dave got home around 1pm. He had some lunch, made comments about my boyfriend hitting it and quitting it. Yeah well it does seem that way. I haven’t heard anything from Daniel since I saw him on Tuesday. Which further cements the likelihood that he only texted me because he’d just seen me at the school.

Dave asked what was for dinner, and I told him leftovers. He didn’t seem too thrilled. Well, tough shit, we don’t need to waste food!

Not long after that, he said he was going to hang out with his girlfriend for a bit. I didn’t really care.

Casey wanted to go to bed just before 7. I tried to get him to stay up later because I didn’t want to get woken up early on Sunday, but he just got all cranky on me so I tucked him in.

Stayed up until about half past midnight, and then crashed.

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