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Friday & Saturday

Got up Friday and got a latte while booting the computer, but instead of parking on SL I just stayed on Lumiya. Got on Blade & Soul but didn’t actually do anything. Went ahead and took care of laundry not long after. I still had to pack for the trip, too.

Spent much of the day just waiting for the mail to arrive. When it finally did, Casey and I headed to Camp Decorah for our Cub Scout camping trip we’d been waiting for.

Finally arrived there around 4:30. Got all checked in and were directed to our camp site. Got our stuff all situated, then walked back toward the main part of camp to see if we could find anyone else from our Pack.

Didn’t see anyone yet, but wasn’t sure if people weren’t coming yet because of it being Friday and them having to work. When it came time for the flag ceremony, finally I saw some familiar faces. There were only a few other scouts from our pack attending. Cubmaster Scott said he didn’t even realize we were going because it didn’t show our names on the registration online. I said I’d just paid that day and didn’t know if that was why. They said instead of staying at the site we were assigned to, Iroquois, they’d moved down one to Cherokee. Scott offered to help me move our stuff after dinner.

We had dinner and then headed back up to Iroquois to collect our things. Everyone from our pack went with to help, which was awesome. Got situated in a little cabin at Cherokee, and then we headed back down for some game called Gaga Ball.

The mosquitoes were horrible, but we’d make do. I’d brought bug spray, but no amount seemed to be enough.

After Gaga Ball, we headed back to our little cabin and got situated for the night. I could tell Casey fell asleep rather quickly, which was good. I had trouble getting comfortable, but I did actually sleep. I think it’s the first Cub Scout adventure I’ve actually slept for.

Saturday morning, got up and got dressed, then headed down to the bathrooms to brush our teeth and get freshened up a bit. Dropped our stuff back off in the cabin, where the others were out and about. Cubmaster Scott had built a small fire. He let Casey put it out, then we all headed down for the morning flag ceremony before breakfast.

After breakfast we got our schedules for the event. Up first for us was archery, so we had to walk all the way up the hill to the far end of camp. It wasn’t too bad, though. It was early in the adventure, so my knee wasn’t bad. But, I’d forgotten the cane at home, so we’d just have to play things by ear. Casey was excited to shoot a bow and arrow. The guy leading the tutorial seemed pretty fresh, but seemed to be familiar with the archery stuff at least. Just not familiar with teaching, lol.

After archery we headed down to the waterfront and they got to feed the fish and make fishing poles. I was offered rides throughout our stay if I needed them, to just call for a pickup. I was going to take them up on it, but Casey was already walking back up with the group and I hadn’t made arrangements for if he’d stay with the group while I got a ride. So, I just started walking.

Next up was a little presentation in the nature center. Casey and I detoured to the Trading Post to see about a walking stick, but it was basically just a broom handle. They had a couple books I was interested in getting, the Tiger handbook and a Song book. Their credit card machine was down, though, but the guy said he’d hold them for us.

The presentation in the nature center was pretty decent, but Casey was pretty tired by then and I was worried he’d fall asleep. Afterward was lunch, and we agreed we’d lay down for a while after to rest.

After our rest, we headed down to the pool area. We were told there would be a swim test as well, which was fine except Casey hasn’t had his swimming lessons yet. I was feeling hot and sticky, up until the point where we actually got within the fenced-in pool area. Then the breeze was kicking up and it was getting colder. Casey went to try and get in the water, but it was too cold. So, neither of us took our swim tests. He was able to make a boat as part of his Tiger requirements, at least.

After the pool, we were supposed to go back up to the shooting range and then on a nature hike. My knee was doing really bad, so I made arrangements for Casey to be able to stay with the group while I went and hung out in the dining hall.

I was able to get things charged pretty well while I was in the dining hall, and even took care of my free book and paid emails. I had my knee propped up most of the time to get the blood flowing better.

There was a storm rolling in, and I was listening to others talking about it and occasionally asked. I don’t know why I didn’t just check my phone, lol. When it got closer to the time when Casey would be at the Scout Crafts area, I got a ride to go find him, and also stopped by the cabin to grab our emergency ponchos.

We didn’t see him at any of the possible Scout Craft locations, and were just arriving at the dining hall when a staff member came and asked if I was a Tiger mom. I said yes and that I was looking for my son, and they said that Scout Crafts was moved into the dining hall.

Casey was upset because he’d been looking for me, and I let him know that I was out looking for him. He seemed ok, then. He and I worked together on a “Tall Tale” as part of his Tiger requirements as well.

After that it was time for dinner, and they announced just before serving food that the pool party was officially canceled, instead they’d be showing How to Train Your Dragon 3 in there. Casey was excited about that, he loves that movie.

After the movie was over, we headed back to the cabin in the pouring rain and got ready for bed. I didn’t hear a peep out of Casey, but I couldn’t really sleep because of the rain beating on the tin roof.

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