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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails before leaving to go to Target to pick up Casey’s new Minecraft Redstone Lamp. After we did a bit of shopping, we headed to Culver’s for food to eat on the way home.

We spent a couple more hours at my apartment, with me on Black Desert and Casey on Minecraft. Then, I dropped him off at Dave’s for a bit. Dave had told me he had plans with Jennifer for her birthday, but Casey was missing on everyone. Dave didn’t seem to get why I was bothering to drop Casey off for a little over an hour. Well excuse me, but I know I sure as hell want to see my kid every day.

I ran to Walmart in Black River Falls to get a printer they supposedly had in stock, only to find they didn’t have it after all. The lady from the photo department who helped me said she’d never even seen it there. I tried calling the Onalaska store, but they said they only had one printer in stock, a Canon, and they didn’t carry the one I was looking for either.

I headed back to Dave’s and picked Casey up, and we headed back to my place. I put some things away I’d fetched from Dave’s, then made us some tacos for dinner. After that, I got Casey a bath before taking a shower myself. By then, it was time for Casey to get ready for bed.

After reading to him and tucking him in, I got back to more Black Desert. All I was really doing was processing stuff. I tried to stay up, even talked to Shawn for a while, but I couldn’t and ended up going to bed.

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